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can you join me and do something truly heroic today that’ll only take you 60 seconds? I’m a Celebrity Patron of the Shaw Mind Foundation (you may have seen it on Sky, BBC in the Times/Mail/Metro etc. recently). With your help, we can be and impact millions of UK Children’s lives. This is easy peasy I promise… In a nutshell, the charity has successfully collected 90k signatures for the govt. petition to make a mandatory part of the school curriculum. We need just 10,000 more for it to be debated in parliament which is M.A.J.O.R! Here’s the urgent C.R.U.N.C.H… With the snap election coming the expected 2 months remaining to get 10k more votes has been slashed to just a few days and now all 100,000 votes need to be in by 2nd May. If you can help me spread the word, you’ll make an amazing impact and together we can make history and finally help young people understand and manage mental health early! Can I ask that you share tweet/FB this petition link like crazy to your friends & network, through social media/email/whatsapp dang… anywhere you can today and in the coming couple days? (Here’s the wording tweet I used you can use/vary it in your own words ) WHAT YOU CAN DO TODAY: 1️⃣Vote on the link yourself and immediately contact 5-10 friends, family, colleagues in your network to do the same. If everyone gets 5 others to vote we’ll hit it in no time 2️⃣Send a tweet about it… using this fast link I made for you to shout out that you voted. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to be part of UK History being made, and I hope you forgive me reaching out to you – but I can’t keep quiet…. the stakes are too high. Thanks so much hun xx LIVE BOLDLY! Marsha Wright Celebrity Patron of The Shaw Mind Foundation TV Business Expert | Serial Entrepreneur | Investor | Influencer and Media Personality CEO & Founder of

Come join in the fun with MTUK 2017

Transgender top model 2017


Miss transgender uk 2017

ive had lots questions how to find sponsors and fundraise to help you this year i hope this dose

Some finalists find it beneficial to fundraise for their sponsor fee. This can be anything from a sponsored silence or bike ride, to hosting a fashion show at school or dress down day at work. The only limit is your imagination! Many girls exceed the amount required for sponsorship and therefore donate the remainder to our charity fundraising, or pledge to split the funds 50/50
2. Friends and Family Sponsorship
An alternative method is to create a sponsorship form asking friends and family to support you with a donation for your sponsorship. Small amounts of £3-£5 can quickly add up when asking family members, friends, colleagues, social media etc. Any excess funds can again go towards the charity fundraising.
BeconfidentPhoto by beconfiDent UK
3. Business Sponsorship
Business sponsorship provides an ideal advertising platform for a wide variety of businesses. We are a VAT registered business meaning other businesses are able to claim the VAT element of the sponsorship fee where applicable.
In return for the sponsorship fees, the business will receive;
– Logo added on our site
– Website link added to the relevant heat page on our site
– Company name mentioned on stage when finalist appears
– Company flyers/business cards distributed to all guests & contestants at the event.
Some finalists may also offer promotional modelling services in exchange for your support.
Should your finalist be selected as an overall winner of their national final, your business sponsorship will continue at the Grand Finals in Disneyland Paris at no extra cost to you, offering all of the above once again at the International Finals plus mention in the Grand Final official programme.
4. Crowd Funding
Creating a pag on crowd funding sites such as can be a great way of spreading the word and making donations for friends, family and businesses to sponsor you. This works much the same way as the Friends and Family sponsorship option, but you will be able to post you page link on social media links, press releases, emails, flyers and anywhere else you are raising awareness.
A deposit of £35-£50 (Depending on the age group you are taking part in) can be made to secure your place in your heat, and is deducted from the final amount.
Full list of UK Heats can be found on our UK Heats page.

GoFundMe: #1 for Crowdfunding & Fundraising Websites
Over $3 Billion raised for personal causes! GoFundMe is the #1 do-it-yourself fundraising website to raise money online. Get your crowdfunding website FREE!

The Miss Transgender UK Pageant presents a myriad of opportunities for the business and commercial sector in facilitation and access to a market segment often untapped within the regional tour around the UK cities .

In keeping with the Ethos of the Organisation MTUK is a sociable enterprise donating 60% net profits to the UK organisations and charities supported with aims to provide several platforms to target the second largest multicultural lgbt market in the United Kingdom. The event itself is led and organised by a team of professionals from the Business and Commercial, Cul- tural and Arts Sectors, with Support from Key Partner Organisations with the provision of Key event Personnel and staff .

Associating with the MYBP will add to any marketing activity with access to a market of over 5,000,000(5m+) through the student and Youth community to the vast markets to be targeted throughout the UK.

Five Key events leading up to the Main event will provide specific forums for advertising in the print, audio and visual media, and will also provide an opportunity for experiential marketing through association with a highly organised and professional gala event.

The Legacy created within the MTUK event, will go on to serve as a marketing base within future events and for the duration of the activities presented by the committee. With a greater legacy be- ing for the development of community based businesses, support of community charities and the development of entrepreneurial skills within the Region, mtuk.

We look forward to your commitment to this exceptional business and social activity, and seek to support you in all of your marketing endeavours, and hope that you will become part of the MTUK Vision.


MISS Transgender UK BEAUTY PAGEANT is an event designed to identify young Trans women in the community which epitomise the key qualities of leadership, talent, motivation and the celebration of beauty, style and fashion. This competition will include participants from all majior cities and will seek to meet the objectives of:

Community integration and the celebration of the diverse beauty from the di erent racial constituents
Providing a forum and access to a key target markets within your Region
Provide a networking and exposition opportunity for Key Trade and Business organisationsin all major cities Areas.
Assist Business organisations in enhancing their CSR and working towards promotingkey social and cultural objectives within the wider Community
Developing Entrepreneurship (Turning Job Seekers into Job Creators)
Sponsorship and advertising can be a very cost e ective way to raise your pro le and enhance your presence at the show. There are various opportunities on o er and packages available to you. Some ideas are detailed below and a bespoke proposal can be created to suit your needs and objectives.


Advertisement & Logo in the Sponsor” Radio ads and Press Releases in major newspapers.
12-month Online Banner Advertisement on both and our social network platforms, posters, one years banner as sponsor .
Exhibit and Direct Sales Opportunities at the Finals Venue in London City Centre.
Opportunity to Address Contestants and Share Your Promotional Literature.
Pageant Tickets and more. Sponsorship Packages begin at £250 with Target Market Special Bid Packages.

Silver Sponsor

Sponsor a Finalist – £250 – (Sponsor one of the 50 Finalists for Boot Camp)
Logo attached to Contestants Picture Profile on our website event brochure -sash
full credits on all PR contracted to applicant for 12 months
invitation to pre-competition wine reception meet your finalist group hosts

Gold Sponsor – £1,000

Benefits of Silver Sponsor package PLUS 2 col x 4 inch ad in the Welcome MTUK 2017 page.
1 Page on main site attached logs on press board fully backed and linked to all 7 social media profiles linking your site traffic .
Logo on video documentary.
Five tickets, full-page ad, invitation to pre-competition wine reception, meet contestants and hosts

Platinum Sponsor – £5,000

Benefits of Gold Sponsor package PLUS 1 V.I.P Table (10 tickets) to the finals

Invitation to be on the Judging Panel for the evening

Full-page colour ad in the MTUK 2017 souvenir program on main website and blog .

Back-page full ad

1 V.I.P Table (10 tickets)

invitation to pre-competition wine reception, meet contestants back stage




Print and Promotional Materials, T-shirts

Make-up, Hair Styling, Photography & Videography

Dresses, Sash, Flowers, Decorations



Interested in being a sponsor?

transgender top model 2017
sponsors -support- advisors-hosts-DJS-

companies to aid the forming of

Transgender Top Model Charity

we are holding events across uk for

make up training

catwalk training

photoshoot training

fundraising for an new foundation in Brighton and hove


for LGBT trans teens homeless with no family and no hope of education or a job .

im separating miss transexual uk ltd
placing 3 directors with me

louise quayle
johanna Buchan
Tilly Simmonds

under us we will create 3 teams
events louise quayle
Secutary Tilly Simmonds
treasurer johanna Buchan
and my self to run the website were i am starting from scratch and re branding opening a chat room with the help from NHS profession
on the website holding 121 help support for trans all over the world .
yes there will be more the events the voting on line for the top model with profiles for all to create visibility and industry jobs for trans NOT SEXUALISED this will be monitored by admins and NHS support

The teams placed to aid them made from the girls from the past 2 seasons of mutk i trust to make the uk proud as i am of them and there work so far .

We are holding one main event in November in London Hosted by LURA ALICIA this will be a fashion show catwalk style event were the on line votes and audience chooses the face of transsexulisum and diversity in the UK

I hope we can show unity and create an event that rasies enough to put Trans Top Model charity on the right path and the wish us well teens and education and a roof over there heads
Thank you
Rachael Bailey

Dear Misstransgender uk
we are holding a Transgender weekend in the Arncliffe Hotel on January the 27th 2017 were we will be inviting all transgender men and women to enjoy a fun packed weekend with entertainment, buffet, make up session, hair styles, nails done, relaxing therapy massages and the bar will be open till late .

My Name is Philip Anthony Willows
Events Manager
Arncliffe Hotel
01253 620417

Hello Rachael

Lovely Speaking with you yesterday.

As discussed I am putting together a regional tour of auditions for Britain’s Got Talent.

We are looking for people with specific Talents. A phenomenal dancers, Singer, comedian, magicians, the list goes on.

We are in a number of places around the UK and Ireland for two weeks at the beginning of December.

If you have anybody who you this is suitable, please do send me their contact details and preferably a link to a facebook of Youtube video of them if possible.

Any questions do let me know.


Jernice Easthope | Casting Researcher |

FremantleMedia Ltd | Registered Address: 1 Stephen Street London W1T 1AL UK | Registered in England Number: 276928

Please consider the environment before printing this email message.


Would it be possible to have a contact number to discuss the regional auditions for an ITV Talent show.

We are casting through various different avenues and would love for this information to be shared as far and wide to anybody who would like to exhibit their talent.

If you would pop back an email along with a name and number I can give you a call with further information.



Jernice Easthope | Casting Researcher |
FremantleMedia Ltd | Registered Address: 1 Stephen Street London W1T 1AL UK | Registered in England Number: 276928

Please consider the environment before printing this email message.

Abrighter future and new goals awaits us, we at MTUK wish to thank our sponsors and suporters for the past two years of incredible achievements we have made in Transgender visability through out the worlds media .

Next year in November 2017 we wish to host a Drag Gala Ball for LGBT Awards for those within the comunity who have selflessly worked to make change in the world around us .We will will host Miss Transgender UK 2017 in to rounds at the event :

1st round Gala walk with a 2 minute speech on how as Miss TG UK 2017 the ladies feel they will help bring change to the UK .

2nd round the 5 min talent to show case the girls .

There will be no judges this year, the audience will vote on the night for there winning Miss Transgender UK 2017 these votes will be counted and placed with the on line voting that takes place over the year from the main page .

The prizes will be promotional gifts and contracts donated directly to the winners NO GENDER SURGICAL PROCEDURES will be given this year .

We are comprising a list of Transgender persons and companies that have worked with in the LGBT community for awards no the night please nominate them send in the names of the persons you feel have worked most for the comunity to

Thus this will make a step away from the pageant we have held for the past two years and focus on helping more directly on our ambassadors we have and reward there efforts at a LGBT BALL.




When people ask me whats it like to be a Trans woman I cam only respond with ” Its like being a pregnant woman on steroids ” I’m emotional over sensitive and maternal but strong with a fight to survive that surpasses all I’ve ever met, I learned to live again reenventing myself alone rejected by all who knew me as a child finding comfort and streanght were i could growing in to my new self my reflection not matching the way i felt inside i built boundaries like armour and made my self from steel .

Ive known many people in my life and been shown the worst and best that life can offer a person being lucky to have loved another and hurt that left scars  holding my soul together from the inside and wounding me as a battle that leaves loved ones lost in time and memorie  .

I can’t say I’ve had a bad life to myself but when you hear what i have to tell you can judge for your self my life experience older than my years forced to live life that was not mine and make choices i cannot regeret for if i regret my choices i regret me as i am now, I’m a woman with a different past and a big heart full of hope and love  .

I don’t want to start as a was i want to tell you who i am now I’m Rachael Bailey I’m 36 about to be married I’m happy in my self and in life I’m confident loving and do my best to be a good friend .

I own Miss Transexual Uk ltd a company in its 3 rd year i can’t say I’ve made any money because it would be a lie I’ve lost thirty thousand pounds so far but the experience I’ve had in two sesons has given me a life time of memories to to treasure i know now why i was made the way i am it was to give others passion and streangth in life a confidence that was given to me through the life experiences I’ve been shown.

I was lost but now i am found i found my self in a mirror by mistake my life grew my soul flowered i became me for all to see .


memories of rachael bailey x


This time last week many of us were getting ready for Leeds First Friday, the day before the MTUK Final, perhaps staying out later than we ought, me in particular having ‘bounced’ whilst dancing to Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves in the Viaduct Show Bar.

Managed to hobble bare foot back to the Marriott where I burst into tears, called 999, who called me a taxi which took me off to hospital.

I was discharged about 6 after x-rays showed nothing wrong, but the doc said everything in my lumbar spine was overly sensitive and swollen.

Cab back to the hotel where I managed a few hours sleep before breakfast shortly before 11, eggs benedict without the benedict, which I forgot to pay for, but DID the next morning.

The rest of the day was pretty much a blurr, even once downstairs for initial photographs, I can recall foreign visitors taking plenty of photos with their phones, Global visibility of what ??

Some how I remained calm, I had been since the monday before, then we were ready for rehearsals, just a simple intro, or have I got this the wrong way around, probably, I’m only human !!

Before we knew it we were back stage ready for Q&A, then we passed in the corridors whilst getting ready for Performance, and then Pageant, the only time we were all together was back stage, the rest is actually quite lonely, not like it’s portrayed on TV. I struggled with the lights and mirror trying to get dramatic make-up done, but from what I’ve seen of the videos I managed quite well.

My first round went well, even had standing ovations from some when I mentioned that the EA2010 doesn’t offer us the protection many think it does as it sits in Civil and NOT criminal law, with NO legal aid, this is something I’m passionate about and will be doing my best to get changed.

My performance was a disaster from start to finish, I hadn’t briefed the sound person properly, not had things where I needed them. YES  my whip skills came through, with some cheers and gasps, but timing of the rest let me down. To ambitious and not enough time. Managed to get in one chorus of You Can Get It If You Really Want, then my voice went and the music was cut.

That said, I’ve been praised for my guts going on stage looking like a tall Liza Minelli dressed in a black latex dress pushing the boundaries, AND part of it made the video. Can’t wait to see all the pictures.

Now I’ve seen a video of the final parade I’m surprised I wasn’t flat on my back, I was walking so badly, and realised I’d pretty much gone 36 hours without sleep, of with broken sleep, talk about break a leg, it was almost break a back, or damage an already broken back !!

I’m sure many of us are disappointed with the results, some being very vocal about it, and personally attacking others, well we’re all entitled to our opinions, but I really don’t feel it was in keeping with the MTUK ethos to be so publicly outspoken, I’d rather personal messages were exchanged, or dealt with face to face.

One I got home and before bed I tore myself to pieces, thought I’d made an horrendous mistake and tarnished MTUK, just goes to show I wasn’t ready to be thrust into the limelight as MTUK winner, and HOPE she does loads of work on our behalf and includes other entrants in that aim, somehow I have my doubts.

I’ve struggled all week, but have managed a few chores, which have worked out well, and now we’re seeing the press coverage I’m so glad I entered.

Would I do it again ?? HELL YES, it was such an experience, and I pretty much have a performance ready, I just didn’t get to use it this year, again, MY fault.

It’s clear Rachael’s health, marriage and life are her priorities now, I just hope we can find people who are willing to work together and take it forward, only the coming weeks will tell, and I’ll be honest, I’d like to be part of that, BUT, I can’t become another Rachael, we need 6 or so people to make it happen properly.

There are offers fro rachael, £5k for a non-committee, or £1k to a committee, cold hard facts, £150 each for 7 and we’d have a little more working capital, we become shareholders in a Limited Company then work out how to restructure etc.

I’ll not dwell on this, only to say there IS interest in an event next year, I believe 4 so far, so we almost have one heat numbers !!

For me I need to find out what my normality is, that changed when I came 1st runner up in my heat, life became MTUK, the rest was an aside, now I need to flip it, getting on with sorting out my flat, having major clearouts to rid myself of years of hoarding, mainly broken items I’d planned to fix, I can’t live like that any more. I’ve cleared out many things, but haven’t really scratched the surface, I just survive day to day.

I need to sell my car, my balance problems show no sign of subsiding, though I’ve been assessed and apparently my balance systems are working fine, but that’s whilst I’m standing still, it when I move that I have problems. I have an appointment with ENT on 1st September, maybe they can give me some hope and that there’s nothing seriously wrong, or what is wrong can be fixed.

I’m surprised by the positivity toward me and amazing comments people say to me, I’m just being me, and that seems to suit people very well. This is the complete flip to my previous life, and it’s taking some getting used to, but get used to it I will !!

I’m planning to get down to Hampshire to spend time with friends over the weekend, just hope Southern Railways doesn’t let me down !!

Croydon is holding it’s first Pridefest, so I’m hoping to get involved with that, though I’m not holding out a lot of hope, it seems more gay/bi/lesbian oriented with little on trans, which could be such a missed opportunity. MAY just have to put up my flag pole on my mobility scooter, fly my rainbow heart flag, and hijack wherever I can, though to be honest I’d rather support a friend, but then again I owe it to MY community to try and get at least a Croydon Based meeting going outside of the Transpals one, maybe in my local area, or at least closer to home. Doesn’t need to have a web site, make promises that can’t be met, etc, just support for one another at a local and personal level, grass roots if you like. Small and manageable, and not overly complicated.

To close I’d like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement, those who made it to Leeds, those who keep MTUK running, please, don’t forget it needs regular funds to stay alive, so if you can please commit regular monthly amounts via bank transfer or similar, it saves such a headache when money gets tight and expenses loom.


Tills xox



I don’t have any official photos to post as of yet, but i will do as soon as I can.

The final, It was a great night, we got loads of press and tv coverage. I got a few interviews in and had loads of photos taken. It felt really good. Everyone was enjoying the attention. At one point we had a crowd of people taking photos of us getting our photos taken. It was really good fun.

I would also like to thank Hair Solution for doing my hair, it really was wonderful. If there was a best hair category, I definitely would of won.

More than that though, my new hair has helped me immensely with my confidence in so many ways.

Big Thank You. xx

Congratulations to the winners, I hope they use the platform well.

I will always back and support anything anyone does for the community LGBT or non LGBT.

I didn’t place, I think my nerves got the better of me, but it didn’t matter. I had a great time and i made so many new friends who will support and help me, like i will for them.

I did how ever write another poem for my talent that i would like to share with all.


Here i stand, Leeds, The Marriott,  the final MTUK 2016.

And I stand before you all so proud to be seen!!!!

Oh my, I feel like its a dream!!

If i was to be queen, here is how id like to be seen.

Id like to help others to take the steps to full fil the dream.

And maybe one day they can become Queen,

I would make it my mission to help others struggling with their transition.

Id love to share my vision, and show people, they can break free of the prison.

Once you have arisen, you’ll see life is not a dead end.

Ill be your friend,  one day we can say. “I’ve been there, it does get easier in the end”. ?????

 Anyways, I will always offer my ear to bend.

Each girl here, has faced so many fears over the years.

I think we all deserve to be  seen as pioneers.

Each girl who stands before you,  my self included,

Has shed a river of tears.

We have all won just by standing here.

We are changing opinions and views, and at a good pace.

Look how far we have come in the last few years.

Hate is loosening,   love is winning.. Know your place!

Girls such as the girls here are shaping the human race.

We make people embrace, as we fight for our place.

If we carry on at this pace, …….

I wonder who will be the first trans in outer-space???

Mtuk, is a great opportunity to showcase,

The love, peace and tranquilly, that is our true face.

Love will always find its place.

We are showing the world,  this is me, I’m not going.

I think you’ll find, my kind’s your kind, we are all the same.

Just free your mind.

MTUK has saved my life, I’ve found friends and help to no ends.

The girls here are all so pretty, clever and damn witty.

And, just like me they all offer an ear to bend

Every second has been a pleasure.

Memories i will keep for ever, these are the real treasure.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for the experience MTUK.




It’s the final evening for some of us before we head for Leeds.

What we don’t have now we either don’t need, or we can shop for once we’re there, either way it probably doesn’t matter as it’s all about the event and the show, and NOT about some of the finer details.

We’re only human and little different from everyone else in so many respects. We all panic, forget things, check the locks more than once, get nervous, cry, laugh, sing, dance, play, get angry, etc.

Celebrate that commonality and NOT pull one another apart over differences that really are of little consequence.

We may have differences of opinion but that doesn’t necessarily mean one is right and the other is wrong, though sometimes facts say otherwise, but that’s no excuse to take the gloves off and resort to violence etc, it’s far better to say I respect your point of view, shake hands, turn and walk away. It takes courage, but the stronger person will be the first to do so !!

If someone does something to you that upsets you don’t react in a similar manner, it only perpetuates the issue, stop it before it turns into a vIcious, and I mean VICIOUS cycle, where retaliation becomes the name of the game !!

Humans are supposed to be educated and civil beings, set above the rest of nature, animals in particular, where we have a responsibility of care and respect toward one another, please, lets work together, resolve once and for all the ills that our society and communities are suffering and move forward to create a Great Britain once again.

Bring on the weekend.

If I can’t get a post in tomorrow, it’s unlikely I won’t again until I get home Sunday.

As they say in show business


Hugglies and all that


Gosh, hasn’t time flown by, another few days and we’ll all be in Leeds.

I know it’s been tough for some of us, well probably all of us to be honest, but we’ve really pulled together and shown what trans sisterhood can do.

Am I ready ??

Well tried singing today and sounder like a strangled frog, my infection has hit my tonsils so singing on key, let alone on pitch, the octave I’d like to hit, just ain’t gonna work, you can probably tell that from my voice in some of my videos.

Doc has given me antibiotics, so you’ll hear me coming, when I wiggle my hips I rattle, as there is so much medication I’m taking, what with pain killers, balance meds, hormones, and soon to be vitamin D tablets. Maybe we should ‘do the macarena’ and I’ll be the maracas !!! Bring on the salsa !!

Tomorrow I’ve a friend coming over for breakfast, seems odd she’s buying most of it, and I’m the host, but I’ve done my bit, got bacon, free range eggs, extra sausages, and black pudding. She’s bringing tomatoes, mushrooms, beans etc I think, so two very full ‘englishes’ WILL be the order of the day.

I then need to get down the shops one last time, pick up some bits and bobs I hope you’ll all appreciate.

I’ve pretty much got everything ready to pack, it’s whether it will all go in one case, which will look lile something off a dodgem car with the lunge whip sticking out the top. I hope we will have a first aider on standby 😉 LOL

Someone mentioned something today and in my own diverse whacky style have tweaked it and decided to add it to my act, I promise you that you will pee yourselves with laughter, whether it’s quite in keeping with the MTUK ethos I don’t know, but it will sure show the devil in me :-O

Somehow a calm has come over me in the last few nights, though I’m NOT sleeping well, it happens sometimes when I’ve something like this on the horizon, I think my body and brain are trying to shift my sleep pattern so I can cope with the up-coming late nights, well midnight IS late for me, then I turn into a shrivelled up pumpkin and crawl back under the hay.

I was going to shower as I’ve now put my bath lift at the other end of the bath under the shower, but it’s so humid I know I’ll ‘glow’ all night so it hardly seems worth it, so a strip wash it is again.

Maybe shower tomorrow evening then blow dry all my hair to hopefully keep in in check for a few days, then again Saturday morning in time for the afternoon heat, and the vigil if we can get there.

I’m getting really excited about meeting everyone, we’ve had such a laugh within our finalists group that I’m sure we’ll click and carry on pretty much straight away.

I’m trying to encourage the girls to join me in the leisure centre and take advantage of the pool, hot tub, etc. I know it can be awkward, but a well placed towel and a feminine slide into the water is all that is needed.

The first year I came out was the first time I publicly showed my (tiny) breasts, and then had a swim, wll gentle float in their pool, for which I HAD to be naked. I was a little nervous but was amongst friends, again, towel and slide in. My friends realised how much of a big step it was and complimented me on the way I dealt with it. Not long later I went to a few aqua aerobic sessions, there again several women gave me such lovely compliments, so said ‘they would never have known’, the instructor had known me for years, she was blown away, particularly the second time I went’ all glam and that.

My journey thus far has been amazing, a little rough at times, but hey, unfortunately it goes with the territory, and each issue handled has made me a stronger and more determined woman.

I stand for true equality, for all not just for those that we think should have it, but everyone, to me that’s the ethos behind the Equalities Act 2010, it’s such a shame it has no criminal teeth, which in itself is criminal.

It’s the rapidly changing digital age of the 21st century, yet much of what we do is bogged down in the mid to late decades of the 20th century.

We need to make quantum leaps forward in so many areas, and boy can we name a few, and I’m sure will come up over the weekend in some shape or form.

Step up and drive for change, unite and support with a common voice regardless as to which minority we represent. Lets face it society IS made up of minorities, it’s just when they unite in a common cause they become a majority.

If we agree with, and join them we have a voice, equally if we don’t agree and join with others we still have a voice, then we can counter what the other group are saying.

To me that is some form of democracy, whereby we have to learn the rules and then play the game, which sometimes only comes with real life experiences.

I meant to get to bed over an hour ago, but got busy printing and laminating my free tickets, and then thought I’d write another blog.

Tilly is now heading for the hay after a glass of milk and MORE meds !!

So I’ll wish you all a very good night, happy sleeps, no nightmares, or mares of any description, and catch you on the ‘morrow.

Love, hugglies and namaste

Tills xox


So less then a week to go and I still hadn’t managed to suss how to post a blog… Guess you’re surprised to find out I don’t work in I.T right?

Well I won’t lie, I’m a little bit nervous .. Since coming out about being trans less then 4 months ago it’s been a whirl wind activity wise albeit quiet the rest .. I was worried about getting hassle when out and about but so far nobody has fainted or followed me around town with a burning pitch fork.
I’m excited to see the Cardiff pageant gang again and meeting the new ladies too… I probably should start doing some packing or shall I leave that to Thursday morning lol

Anyway I’ll write more later about my plans etc for before and after the pageant, in the meantime don’t forget to vote for me !!!!

Jaimie image

The heat girls will be getting briefed and prepared to introduce themselves, answer their questions, and do their performances, and in such a large room too, rather different to Crawley, can’t comment about Cardiff, but I suspect similar. Then those who go through have to prepare along with the rest of us for the final :-O

Al last I’m calming, feels like I’ve been surfing the Severn Bore along with many other mammals of all sorts. Maybe it’s because at long last I have some me time and not flitting about like a loon trying to sort so many other aspects of my life out.

Packing has started, train tickets bought, just need to sort out the lovely Kayla with our room monies, hopefully I’ve been paid so can do that today. I had no idea how diverse all of these ‘add-ons’ to MTUK would be, it’s sure been a steep learning curve, then again with all my life experiences it should be like water off a duck’s back. That said I’ve not dipped my webbed feet in the river in so long it’s taken a while to get my head around creating accounts, access rights, password resets, blogging, but with perseverance and a few choice words Tills has managed to update her MTUK introduction AND blog several times over.

The there’s my Facebook Tilly Television Videos, Finalist Profile, and our amazing Finalists Group, feels like one big happy family, NO, it IS one big happy family.

Even at this late stage new ideas enter my head, I write things, I say things yet I have no idea where they come from, nor how I make them flow and be understood. I guess I’m so liberated it just happens, works for me,  people seem to identify with it and like it. My followers and supporters have been amazing, even to the point of a local car dealership offering me personal support when it’s not company policy, what a gentleman. 🙂

If what I have is what is expected of Miss Transgender UK 2016 then I’m ready to step up and be there for our communities, and perhaps others with similar issues. I hope to bring out as many aspects on 6th as I can, very little came out at Crawley, it was a little like a rabbit in the headlights and an eye opening experience.

I think we all fed off one another, the atmosphere sure was electric, I’m sure it will be again next week.

Since the Press photographer came Friday I’ve learned to work a camera from my side of a lens, looking fair and square into that shutter mechanism, something I could NEVER do before. I think that was down to Karen, who brought out my amazing smile, not just my mouth, nor my eyes, but my whole face and body, Thank You so much honey, looking forward to being crazy in front of your lenses again next Saturday. I MUST get some more shots like some of the others did at Crawley.

I MUST go, tears are welling again, and I need a siesta.

Kick back and relax whilst you can, we’re going to need ALL our energies for Friday and Saturday, though I’m sure many of us will be taking advantage of the Hotel’s leisure facilities, bring on those hot stones.


Tills xox

Well after much fun and games getting to where I can blog it’s such a relief to get to write about our upcoming fun and games.

In reality we have but 4 more days (Krissie) to get ourselves ready, packed and on our way, Leed First Friday awaits.

The words that spring to mind at the moment are liberation and elation.

Everyone has been doing their very best to make Saturday a day to remember, and we’ll be there in the afternoon to support and encourage the heat girls, and out during Leeds First Friday p blowing the MTUK trumpets as loud and as proud as we can, we’ve got to get bums on seats, about 300 if I recall, Thanks Sue 😉 LOL x

I’ve finally made it into our local press, e-mails and phone calls failed, descending on their offices certainly did, though the wording needs a few changes, which I can attend to later today, now you have ALL my secret details, so now this is another major step, I am now well and truly out and proud, even to the point of updating facebook with my previous details.

I’ve had to have that past in order to get the life skills I have now, my last job was leading a Team of design specialists of various shapes and sizes, with some in the UK others on the other side of the world in India, thus I had to overcome cultural and time zone differences.

When I left the Company many of them said that I was one of the best managers they’d ever had, firm but fair, understanding and clear, leading by example and not dictatorial.

One of the Team I managed came out as trans, went home one week as a man, and returned as a woman. Unfortunately my time time and managerial constraints meant I had little time to talk with her about her journey, though I wanted to know every detail  !!

Mmm, back to the show.

Hair has been done, eyebrows have been threaded, new razors have been brought, blah, blah, blah, it’s going to be one mad panic on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then thursday heading for the 13:00-ish train out of Kings Cross with Natasha Leroc, someone who is very special and dear to my heart (damn, crying again !!)

I’ll be at my usual karaoke event on Sunday at Bar 7 in Crawley, loosening my inner Diva, just hope this cold or infection clears, the right side of my face feels very nasty and have a horrible taste in my mouth, like chewing rusty nails !!

Hopefully get my nails done Monday or Tuesday, thank you Pennie Morgan, love you to pieces you cray mare 😉 xox

Still got some performance prep to do, got to make sure all of you are included, that’s just the way I am !!

Whatever happens DON’T blink, you may miss something crucial, skill, humour, just a look, a glance, a glib comment.

I’m going to try and make you gasp, cry, laugh, sing, dance and rejoice, this bit is so tough to put into words, so I’m just going to say it, warts and all.

I feel so liberated and believe you ALL do, thus I want us to jointly celebrate this during my act, just don’t upset me my lunge whip stings !!  LOL, as if I would 😉

Have a great weekend girls, whatever you’re doing, stay happy, stay safe and just be yourselves.

Love and Hugglies

TillyMTUK Finalists Promo001photo montage001




Another chapter is complete. But I don’t look back, only the now and what tomorrow could bring matters.

I can’t express enough gratitude to everyone who has supported me over the last 2+ years. My children, my mum and dad ~ rip. I’ve met the most wonderful people on this journey. The list is long and you know who you are. ❤❤❤

I have evolved beyond what I could imagine. Experienced things that I would never consider throughout my caged existence. And here I stand in a final. Not any final but a final that holds massive significance for future years.

Miss Transsexual UK 2016 Final. Live at the Marriott Hotel Leeds 6th August. I hope to see you there. ❤

There’s beauty in everything if you’d care to see it. Beauty has as much validity as talent, intelligence, education and other worldly ideologies. A person is a package that needs love, nuture, belief, opportunity and acceptance to name a few. ❤

If there’s one decision you should make today and for the rest of your life it’s this

Do not fear self discovery, live and love life. ❤

Peace, love & happiness Michaela James