leonie Roberts

Personal Statement
I find my self to be a kind caring person who is willing to bend over backwards to help people from all walks of life , I just feel we all should get along no matter where we come from or what we may have we are all the same and we all need each other in life .




My year of birth is actually 1975. Quick bit about myself well I’m a post op woman who has been transitioning for around 8 years and had my operation last year. Also suffer from alopecia and in a long term relationship and my partner has 3 children. Ihave done a couple of photo shoots in the past and various trans beauty contests. I spent many years in denial before coming out and was a lcpl in the TA before coming out as a trans woman. Also have done various work for LGBT charities and attended various events. Any more information please feel free to ask

Katie Bocon

Polish fluent
Norwegian basic
Russian basic

Person contestant would like to meet the most: I would like to meet the following people that inspired me: Ed Sheeran, Tyra Banks, Jon Kabat-Zinne, Sadhguru, Russell Brand and Eckhart Tolle
Most unusual thing:
– Helping other transgender people in their coming outs and transition
– Helping people in need

Proudest Moment:
Coming out and living full time as a woman

Countries Visited:
Congo, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Slovakia, Spain, Egypt

Personal Statement
”And so she decided to start living the life she’d ever imagined”

Paula Jamee

Proudest Moment:
The birth of my kids

Countries Visited:
France Belgium Holland Germany Italy Greece Turkey Egypt Norway Spain

Personal Statement
I just want to show that I can rebuild my life after all the physical and medical problems I have had to deal with. To rebuild, and show the woman within to the world outside


I am a very determined candidate that is entering this pageant for 2 different reasons.

1. To represent the trans youth and to be a role model for trans girls and guys- ive always been one for not being in the social circle and I want to be a voice for the LGBT community, especially bringing LGBT back into the education system. I want to be able to sit down with the PM and the educational secretary and make valid points about making sure the new generation are taught about it in Physical Social Heath Education more than when I was at school.

2. I have a fairly big ego and having a crown and a title would make me year as its been a long struggle coming to terms as who I am as an individual, I have a huge support group of friends and family so it would be a huge honour to be able to say that I can do the unimaginable.