Ethan Chamberlain

Hey my name is Ethan and I’m currently a male…I hate being a boy..that’s why I’m doing this to make my self be more confident in me and my self,,,I dress in all girls clothes I do my hair my makeup and I’m amazing at doing makeup lol but I’m just a 16 year old that’s not happy with who they are


Im a successful post operative woman of 33 years and in that time I have modeled for Skin Two club wear, was on the books at Sarah Thorns, been in two films and a television soap as an extra and have worked for over 20 years as a showgirl entertainer, Emcee and hostess untill returning back to wales in 2013.


I’m very outgoing young girl who likes to live her glam life and party all the time people loves me for who i am and for being always honest

true love

I would have to have a good conversation and sit down to discuss my personal situation and my deep hurting concerns which could be turned out at me by media / public / trolls e.t.c, I have had a pretty horrific past and only recently after 6 years of transition and living in a new and safe place have i finally come out of being suicidal, however my psychological condition and all has a direct linked issue with it and its really not easy to deal with,. I really want to enter im just scared and with the legal cases, which dealt with would mostly clear the air, being under investigation and all it would maybe be better to wait but next year it could all be in court and make it impossible to enter and I dont want to have to keep putting it off, its really exciting and fun to have the pagaent and at the Cardiff heat in 2015, all the girls where saying I should enter last minute but I was in a more emotional isue regards these cases and all back then and it was a defo no go….thing is I really have no idea how i would react on stage or anything and to say its nerve racking would be far misinforming. Apart from really that past stuff my life is really changed now, my bouyfriend and I have been together 5 years, never had anyone in my life as much and so thoughtful and caring of me, her is my everything and I have noone else really, we go to private gardens and at least a dozen to 25 each year, its a thing that started when we first met and its so lovely, we’re like love birds lol…I have finally now got a home which is supposed to be so I can settle down after years of serious neglect and mistreatment, many things have changed in my life, I’m a more developed person than ever and more and more as the months go by the more womanly and cute I’m looking lol. Personally deep down I really need to go through facial surgery but funds negative seemingly impossible right now, I’m always told tho how much better and attractvie I am in person, but i always say lol thy cant see the whole story….anyways like say blocking out the past serious disgraceful situtaions and that my life is dancing with the fairies and really so much better, I think it would have to be a proiminent point to explain at all of my illness and how it became and how it effects me, i am debilitated, theres no doubt but I have a life, I am a good person, Im friendly, soft very quite cute and childish lol….I just wanted to send the application and put the question to you , whats the grounds and flow of the pagaent? and your thoughts given my sitaution?