shaheer Khan

My transitional name is Sherri, I am a British-Pakistani-Muslim transgender person. I am at early stages of my transition. The reason why I transition bit late in life because I wanted to get financially and mentally stable first. The reason to enter MTUK is simple that I want to motivate other trans-girls who are trapped in social stigma of so called do’s and don’t and also to help pursue my carrier too. It tears my eyes seeing suicide rates in trans-community. Transition is not easy so we got to be brave whether someone support us or not. There is no point in giving up on life because of what-so-ever reason!

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I am most proud of myself standing up for my happiness and becoming transgender, Walking through hell with a smile and showing them all i aint no psuh over 😉

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iwa moto

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched … but are felt in the heart.”

I am a peoples person whos always wanted to be an influence and a good role model of the society.i always make sure that i dont hurt , disrespect or degrade someone but i was brought up by my family to be a good person, and someone who respects other them as much as i can and treat them with dignity and equally .

People has their own differences, views, and beliefs. But what matters most is how are we Able to be a good influence to them.

Through this pageant, im am very grateful that im one of the candidates because it will help me to boost my self confidence and my self esteem. If ever that i will win to this pageant, i will give my 100 percent support and heart to serve on this organisation, help them in achieving its goal.i will use my skills and experience in leadership so that i will be able to make a difference In LGBT community on my own special way.i will jot only wear, my crown above my head, but i will put it inside my heart to be of help.

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