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sandy Collins



Person contestant would like to meet the most: Brat Pitt because I have had a crush on him since the 1980’s
Most unusual thing:

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Countries Visited:
Amsterdam, Spain, America

Personal Statement
Im a successful post operative woman of 33 years and in that time I have modeled for Skin Two club wear, was on the books at Sarah Thorns, been in two films and a television soap as an extra and have worked for over 20 years as a showgirl entertainer, Emcee and hostess untill returning back to wales in 2013.

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I am most proud of myself standing up for my happiness and becoming transgender, Walking through hell with a smile and showing them all i aint no psuh over 😉

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Dr Alessandra Sherman.

I would like to introduce you to Dr Alessandra Sherman.  She is a trustee/ secretary for the Beaumont Trust and is working very hard to make work as a Charity in providing information to the T Community.


She is a successful business woman who give her time very freely to the young and old alike, raising money to support people who are less fortunate than herself.  She talks to schools, Universities and local groups to make them aware of how treat with respect and love the people that have undergone the changes.


We have all to make changes in our lives but to give up many years of experience in one style and champion another is hard whilst keeping your own mind, body. Life and career all in order is hard.  She is a very good organiser of events, trustee for several charities and a fund raiser with incredible contacts.


She is CEO of a small management consultancy and CEO of large retail clothing chain.  So in way a person to look up to and respect. She has also been recognised by the City of London, Computer awards and she lives her life quietly.


I do hope that you will find a way to reward and recognise her efforts.


Yes she is a colleague of mine, one that I am proud to call friend.




Michael Rogers-Nash

  • Persons & Companies Awards 2017