Nicola Wilson

Nicola Wilson


Life Ambition:
I wish to be able to get into social work or the criminal justice system to become a case worker to help young adults that have been in a similar situation to myself and help find there way in life.

I’ve done music performance, stage craft at the dance school of Scotland

Titles / Awards:
I got the young Scottish qualifying award in the Uk for being the youngest person to qualify as a Hairdresser at the age of 17.

Musical/dance etc.:
Dance school of Scotland
Visual arts performance school of tech

Basic french

Person contestant would like to meet the most: I would most like to meet Lady GaGa as she’s inspirering, one of a kind, very eccentric, so unique, unpredictable and you never know what to expect a little like myself. so i’d love to get an insight as to whats shes really like without everyone being around.
Most unusual thing:
when i was 16 yrs old i was in the boys brigade and at that point i realised that i didnt feel right being there so a few wks after leaving i ended up applying for the girls brigade and got accpted which i was delighted about and when i started it was such a relief.

Proudest Moment:
Not long after i had turned 17 i just qualified as a hair stylist for an international salon called the RainbowRooms International and at that point we had an award cermony called congress it was so amazing not only did i get my award for qualifying i then got called back up to recieve the youngest scottish qualifying award it was so amazing.

Countries Visited:

Personal Statement
Hi Everyone My names Nicola Wilson i’m 28yrs old from sunny Glasgow good old Scottish weather lol, this is my first year of entering the pageant i’m so very excited about entering. I can’t wait to meet all the girls that are coming together to support the Trangender community and the LGBT centre to help make difference in society to help put all the surrounding issues to bed also to help people understand that this isn’t a lifestyle we choose, this is our IDENTITY.

Hugs & Kisses

Nicola Wilson xox

  • Glasgow