shaheer Khan

My transitional name is Sherri, I am a British-Pakistani-Muslim transgender person. I am at early stages of my transition. The reason why I transition bit late in life because I wanted to get financially and mentally stable first. The reason to enter MTUK is simple that I want to motivate other trans-girls who are trapped in social stigma of so called do’s and don’t and also to help pursue my carrier too. It tears my eyes seeing suicide rates in trans-community. Transition is not easy so we got to be brave whether someone support us or not. There is no point in giving up on life because of what-so-ever reason!

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My year of birth is actually 1975. Quick bit about myself well I’m a post op woman who has been transitioning for around 8 years and had my operation last year. Also suffer from alopecia and in a long term relationship and my partner has 3 children. Ihave done a couple of photo shoots in the past and various trans beauty contests. I spent many years in denial before coming out and was a lcpl in the TA before coming out as a trans woman. Also have done various work for LGBT charities and attended various events. Any more information please feel free to ask

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Pathmasiri Bandara

Am looking forward to being part of this pageant .and it will be a platform for me to show my talent and enhance my skills in has been my great wish to become part of a team and I believe miss transgender Uk is the right place for me .after struggling for a while with my sexual identity I have come to accept myself as a transgender woman and I believe being part of this pageant is a dream come true to looking forward to a positive feedback

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Hi I’m Tilly Simmonds, I’m 58, from Coulsdon in Surrey, a few miles south of Croydon, and I’m gender dysphoric.

MTUK has interested me for a while now, a good friend entered last year and went through to the final, and was placed. She urged me to enter, but I wasn’t sure I was ready having not quite started my journey.

However, on the Monday before the London heat I finally plucked up the courage to commit some finances to the MTUK cause and hit the ENTER key.

There were a few issues with the planned venue however Bar 7 in Crawley stepped in and took us on, and boy did we have a blast.

We arrived in dribs and drabs, met with the Bar staff who looked after us very well, laid out the upstairs Club with judges tables, red carpet, etc whilst the girls socialised in the Lounge Bar downstairs.

We very quickly became friends, sharing stories, experiences, concerns about the day, some suffering from nerves more than others.

Mid afternoon we briefly left to get some food, returning to prepare for our ordeals, which actually weren’t as bad as we feared, it’s all about us being who we are, no pretence, just letting things flow in a calm, relaxed and friendly environment.

My some means my scant preparation paid off and I was awarded first runner up behind Pamela Rose and ahead of krissie Kristabell, and WOW that’s when my life exploded and changed forever.

No more being afraid of things, step out and be proud.

The photographer was amazing, she made me smile, and brought out the very best of some of my amazing characteristics, I’ve NOT stopped smiling since.

My story, whilst brief, is now in my local Paper, on-line at first, then printed next week, their freelance photographer visited today and took about 100 pictures. It all seems so natural, and flowed, from somewhere I’ve a talent for working from the front of the camera as well as behind, I’ve been known to take some cracking shots in the past, and no doubt will do again in the future.

The article let the cat out of the bag about parts of my performance, but hey, we need the publicity, both for MTUK, Trans causes, and most of all ourselves.

All I WILL say is that you will see so many aspects of me, humorous  and mimicking, serious and safety conscious, accurate and sincere. Then I’ll tug at your heart strings, so bring plenty of tissues, god knows I think I’ll need them, then comes the finale, my inner diva will let rip (crying !!!) and I want ALL of you to join in, it’s about each and everyone of us, united and determined in our causes, the songs I’ve chosen, well, were presented to me on the Monday after the heat, mean so much. I may not get them word perfect, one is VERY fast and a tongue twister, but for me it’s not about perfection, hey who is, it’s about letting our inner feeling out, being proud of who we are, and our abilities to communicate that to mothers, particularly those who, lets say, aren’t so receptive to us.

I’ll apologise now, but I have a track that will be played as I strut off the catwalk, which is a massive cliche, but should bring the house down, and we WILL partay girls !!!

It’s now Friday 29th of July, this time next week many of us will be preparing to go out on the town for Leeds First Friday, sashes and tiaras in place to publicise MTUK.

We’ve some task ahead to get bums on seats, I believe between 200 and 300 can be provided so maybe a pincer movement trapping as many people between us as we can urging them to come and see a show they will remember for ever.

It’s so hard to remember it’s a competition, it’s become back burner stuff whilst we unite as a family, god our Facebook Group that Krissie suggested and I created has been so popular, probably approaching a few thousand posts, it would be interesting to get the try figures.

Can I win this ?? Well, to be honest, I can only give it my best shot, as will everyone else.

I say I’m in my ‘golden years’, approaching 60, going on 16, late puberty isn’t the word. Apparently those who go through late puberty live longer  !!


I’m early in my transition, only a few months on hormones with a few crucial stages left with the GIC, which are but a few months away. My wait and road has been long and rocky, and from the horrendous stories I hear many are being forced the same way, and would seem The Interim protocol isn’t worth the paper its’ written on, GPs can still do their own thing and prevaricate, forcing many into mental illness and worse.

This HAS to stop. We MUST have firm guidelines that are enforceable, no more ‘post code lotteries’ I have my own views about how our NHS should be structured, but I’ll save that for now.

There are others like me, golden years yet now well into our puberty, and if they are as connected with girls of all ages and places in their journeys then perhaps they are best placed to be the face of Miss Transgender UK 2016

Anyone who follows me on facebook will know I’m sincere, friendly, supportive, eloquent, etc, though at times can be blunt and forceful, however, sometimes that is what is needed needed when things get a little unsavoury.

I speak from my heart, and got can that flow, it amazes me sometimes what I can write, I’ve been told I should write a book, perhaps one day, it WILL outsell 50 Shades of Grey and WILL be far more explicit 😉

That heart resides on my sleeve for all to see, it’s huge and thus at times becomes very vulnerable, so I’ve learned to set hard limits and make them well known. I’ll give most people one chance, beyond that they’re gone, I don’t suffer fools gladly, and push negativity aside wherever possible.

I’ll gladly help people, but should they become a ‘user’ and perhaps a ‘leach’ then they have to right to be in my life. We ALL have to take responsibility for our own action, and deal with the issues life throws at us, god knows, I’m preaching to the perv, sorry, converted here !!

Some of the strongest people I know are those that had the courage to face and deal with their demons, even more so if they seek help, NHS, MIND, etc to do so, self realisation is stage one of self empowerment.

Many have come out from under those ‘users’ and ‘leaches’ and have distanced themselves from them, the problem is there re many in today’s society. They weedle their ways into our lives and then before we know it they’ve taken over.

Be strong my sisters, and resist, WE ARE WORTH SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT.

Will we ever meet that someone special ? well for me that depends on where we are in our journeys, how we feel about our gender identities, our bodies, our sexuality, and so much more. We’re complex beings, and I feel very privileged that we have male and female characteristics, thus can see things from so many different positions, maybe we should all run for Office ?? wouldn’t THAT be grand, the first ever Trans Government ? I’m sure we’d  do our country proud.

Now where was I, you know what, it doesn’t matter, my heart is speaking and my fingers are click clacking away on my keyboard trying not to snap a tip, that would be a tragedy :-O

Oh, yes, could I be the face of Miss Transgender UK 2016 ? well I have no idea, I would like to think so, though am not the best at self promotion, I just do my thing and that generally seems to do the trick.

I’m sure we’ll all be creating impressions, impact, presence, considering how we come over to the judges, audience, peers etc, and we’ll all be there in support, encouraging and supporting as we did in the heats. From the pictures I’ve noticed my hand on a few shoulders, yet can hardly remember doing so.

I’ll close by saying I get very maternal and will look after others, sometimes to my own detriment, but that’s just me.

If you think I’ve got what it takes then please, get in your vote, winning the Public Vote means so much too.

Peace and love, unity in diversity.


Tilly xox

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Hello everyone! I wanted to say that being trangender is something that is not very easy and its nothing as simple as putting on a wig. People forget that behind every trangender person there is a voice that has a story, a story makes them who they are. My story is that i grew up in a broken family, my parents split when i was little and and i ended up living with my mum, my mum suffers from a really bad heart condition and shes scarfice so much for me and i love and respect her so much. My goal in life is to be like my mum. <3

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Natasha Le Rock

Personal Statement
I really believe in this competition as ultimately I see the trans community as the real winners and not any one individual. In presenting a positive message to the rest of society, I believe, will make the trans community more approachable to them. This I hope will help people become more aware of the difficulties we face in our everyday lives and just how vulnerable we can be in doing something as simple as living our lives as we were always meant to live them. I believe that by reaching people in this way we gain understanding and hopefully through that empathy and even support.

I always felt this competition was a year too early for me at this point in my transition but recently I decided that the best way I can endorse and give my full support is by entering which is why I have decided to do so. If by entering I help the judges find a real role model with a positive message and a positive outlook…..presenting herself in a positive way then I’ll be happy to think that in my way I’ve helped to achieve this.

More than anything I don’t want future generations to experience what I’ve experienced in life, and I’ve not had it so bad in comparison to others…….whatever individual experiences we have faced as a community no one should ever live in a world where they are made to feel ashamed about who they are and not judged by their actions. To live in a world where we don’t feel isolated and at times fear for our personal safety but are embraced for everything we can give to society and the world we live in……..I believe we have so much to give which is why I believe in the message this competition is trying to give to the world we live in.

This e-mail was sent from the application form on Miss Transexual UK (

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Suzumiya puspadewi Ghazali

I was born as the youngest son in a moderate – conservative Muslim family in Malaysia. I was raised with good spiritual and academics background. I excelled in every academic evaluations throughout schools and university. Both my parents had high hope for me especially my mom who wanted me to become a specialist doctor and established a heterosexual family. One worst day at work in Malaysia had pushed me to take a brave , life changing step. I left my work, my family and my mom and flew to London in the hope of transforming my life into a real one. Living as a woman, is now the best thing ever happen to me. I have had not a slightest regret for taking the decision. I am blessed and feeling on top of the world in every single second of my life right now. I wanted to enter this competition as I wished to be inspired with many others who had faced so much obstacles and hurdles in their life to become and live the life they wanted to. I want to spread the words of liberation and anti – discrimination and freedom to every single person whoever know me that we are all not alone and we should stay strong, resilient and stand up for what we want to be and to do in our life. Go for it and do not let anything stop you for any cause or reason. We are equal and we are liberated whenever, wherever we are.

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I am most proud of myself standing up for my happiness and becoming transgender, Walking through hell with a smile and showing them all i aint no psuh over 😉

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iwa moto

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched … but are felt in the heart.”

I am a peoples person whos always wanted to be an influence and a good role model of the society.i always make sure that i dont hurt , disrespect or degrade someone but i was brought up by my family to be a good person, and someone who respects other them as much as i can and treat them with dignity and equally .

People has their own differences, views, and beliefs. But what matters most is how are we Able to be a good influence to them.

Through this pageant, im am very grateful that im one of the candidates because it will help me to boost my self confidence and my self esteem. If ever that i will win to this pageant, i will give my 100 percent support and heart to serve on this organisation, help them in achieving its goal.i will use my skills and experience in leadership so that i will be able to make a difference In LGBT community on my own special way.i will jot only wear, my crown above my head, but i will put it inside my heart to be of help.

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