Vicky Laylor


Person contestant would like to meet the most: Laverne Cox, to compare stories and just hang out with for a coffee
Most unusual thing:
Was cast as an extra in the Musical South Pacific

Proudest Moment:
Birth of my children
Starting my transition

Countries Visited:

Personal Statement
I’m a transgender woman and activist for issues affecting our community. I started my transition in 2016 through self prescribed hormones and was accepted by Leeds GIC earlier this year to begin transition via the NHS. I’m proud to be a entrant into this years Miss Transgender UK and thrilled to at the opportunity it provides Transwomen to celebrate their diverse beauty.


My transitional name is Sherri, I am a British-Pakistani-Muslim transgender person. I am at early stages of my transition. The reason why I transition bit late in life because I wanted to get financially and mentally stable first. The reason to enter MTUK is simple that I want to motivate other trans-girls who are trapped in social stigma of so called do’s and don’t and also to help pursue my carrier too. It tears my eyes seeing suicide rates in trans-community. Transition is not easy so we got to be brave whether someone support us or not. There is no point in giving up on life because of what-so-ever reason!





It was just a rebirth, a resurrection almost a celebration of my life on earth.
I am truly happy now ,even though, i know i can be a bit of a cow,
My third transition is going so perfectly, everyone has been like “wow”.

Life is great, I have finally accepted my fate, i truly feel so elate.

Here I stand at Miss Transsexual UK 2016, and believe me,
i am so proud to be seen.
Remember, never, never, never give up on that dream.

Once again, Life is great

Samantha Jayne

Samantha Jayne

First I was born a girl but others seen me as a boy as I grew I realised I was different but lived my life the best I could I had problems but I was happy I can’t say I had a bad life it was the best my parents could give me and I am thankful for that, I always knew I was a girl in my heart but I didn’t no what to do about it, i did the usual wearing clothes that I believed were what I should be wearing, I was cross dressing in everyday life but not when I wore clothes that were Right, in my teens I learned more and I knew I could change things I hated school because I wasn’t comfortable as the person I seen in the mirror I was picked on but I held strong, i got married young my fault I thought I could be ‘Normal’ but I realised i am normal no I’m better than normal I’m Trans and I’m proud so now I’m goin to show to all that I’ve never been happier, now it’s time to help others believe in themselves and to bring love and happiness to all, everyone can be educated it just takes the right person to make a start