I was born in 1976 in Amsterdam , my mums from Grimsby, my dad Amsterdam. I have a younger sister(Elly) and I have a degree in fashion.
I have been married once , now I’m single.I’m currently in the middle of transitioning(well beginning really)

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: Samantha Jayne Tooze

First I was born a girl but others seen me as a boy as I grew I realised I was different but lived my life the best I could I had problems but I was happy I can’t say I had a bad life it was the best my parents could give me and I am thankful for that, I always knew I was a girl in my heart but I didn’t no what to do about it, i did the usual wearing clothes that I believed were what I should be wearing, I was cross dressing in everyday life but not when I wore clothes that were Right, in my teens I learned more and I knew I could change things I hated school because I wasn’t comfortable as the person I seen in the mirror I was picked on but I held strong, i got married young my fault I thought I could be ‘Normal’ but I realised i am normal no I’m better than normal I’m Trans and I’m proud so now I’m goin to show to all that I’ve never been happier, now it’s time to help others believe in themselves and to bring love and happiness to all, everyone can be educated it just takes the right person to make a start

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It was just a rebirth, a resurrection almost a celebration of my life on earth.
I am truly happy now ,even though, i know i can be a bit of a cow,
My third transition is going so perfectly, everyone has been like “wow”.

Life is great, I have finally accepted my fate, i truly feel so elate.

Here I stand at Miss Transsexual UK 2016, and believe me,
i am so proud to be seen.
Remember, never, never, never give up on that dream.

Once again, Life is great

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Charli Darling

Hi my name is Charli Darling and live in Manchester, this would be my second year in the pageant. I made it to the finals but unfortunately I didn’t win the hearts of the people that attended and I lost my chance of being Miss Transgender UK 2015 but why stop there? So I am trying out again and taking all that I learned from the previous pageant on board. I have appeared a couple of times on That’s Manchester Advice Show where I spoke about being Intersex, and me being Intersex means…
I was born with Klinefelter’s Syndrome which means I was born male but also born with an extra Female “X” Chromosome meaning I was born XXY or shorter term is Intersex and for a long time I felt so alone and really didn’t open up to what I was going through and at times was suicidal. I was born with this rare condition and I didn’t really know much of it only that my breasts were developing when I was born a boy. During Puberty my hips widen, didn’t break my voice, no Laryngeal Prominence (Adam’s Apple), developed breasts, so was very confused growing up.
My parents didn’t understand what I was actually going through, they decided I had to have to undergo surgery to have a breast reduction, I didn’t get a choice even though I was old enough to make my own choices but was still living with my parents.
After surgery went into a huge depression, but on the outside world i pretended to be the happiest human being but behind closed doors, I was in turmoil, I was dying inside and sometimes tried to take my own life. I felt so alone and no one to trust.
I’m here to raise awareness for Intersex and believe there’s others out there like me who may have gone through the gruesome journey I have endured but I am stronger now and just want to say that you are not alone and would really like to help.
I also created a couple of Groups on my Facebook page which one being a Public Group where anyone could join but preferably who are like me XXY and its called Intersex Awareness (KS), unfortunately it didn’t do so well and the 2nd one is a Secret Group with 56 members and it’s called Beauty and Dressing tips for Transvestites, Transsexuals and Cross Dressers.
My goals are to fulfil the path I took into becoming the woman I am today and to find happiness in life.

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jaimie peute

Proudest Moment:
Standing here today as I have come very far, ten year ago I had cancer and couldn’t walk for 18 months now I’m here and alive

Countries Visited:
Spain Norway Germany Belgium Switzerland Italy Slovenia Portugal France

Personal Statement
I was born in 1976 in Amsterdam , my mums from Grimsby, my dad Amsterdam. I have a younger sister(Elly) and I have a degree in fashion.
I have been married once , now I’m single.I’m currently in the middle of transitioning(well beginning really)

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Krissie Kristabell

I have never done anything like this before, I wish to be totally honest and lay bare my feelings. This time last year i was living the lie, i wasn’t out, i couldn’t see how i could make it out and all felt so hopeless, the closest i can describe my life before transitioning is as prickly, i felt irritated and i couldn’t explain why, i felt trapped and all hope was lost for me to become whom i really am.
Last year I went to watch last years Miss Tg Finals in London, after i stumbled across the group on facebook.
I could only stay and watch the first round of introductions by the girls, I left, and drove back home to manchester, i cried all the way home.
At the time i was homeless and my mental health had really taken a turn for the worse, I was depressed and suicidal. Id lost my business, my family had broke down, and my life was really bad. I drove home from Miss Tg UK 2015 back to the refuge flat i was given by the council, and the next day, I did it. I set of on my journey.I became my true self, Ive started doing what little bits i can, such as laser hair removal and such, and i must say I have never felt so great, i feel liberated and truly free. Now I don’t feel self conscious and uncomfortable in my own presence. Its taken me two attempts and 40 years to get this far, they say life begins at forty, for me this especially true. Id like to share my story and be able to offer others help and direction, as I have met some of the most amazing people since transitioning and they helped me a lot. Life is really great, i really can not explain just how happy i am.

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I’v been in newspapers,Magazines which can be viewed on google by typing the name (Pammy Rose) I have also been asked to appear on Tv shows.

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