Vicky Laylor


Person contestant would like to meet the most: Laverne Cox, to compare stories and just hang out with for a coffee
Most unusual thing:
Was cast as an extra in the Musical South Pacific

Proudest Moment:
Birth of my children
Starting my transition

Countries Visited:

Personal Statement
I’m a transgender woman and activist for issues affecting our community. I started my transition in 2016 through self prescribed hormones and was accepted by Leeds GIC earlier this year to begin transition via the NHS. I’m proud to be a entrant into this years Miss Transgender UK and thrilled to at the opportunity it provides Transwomen to celebrate their diverse beauty.


My transitional name is Sherri, I am a British-Pakistani-Muslim transgender person. I am at early stages of my transition. The reason why I transition bit late in life because I wanted to get financially and mentally stable first. The reason to enter MTUK is simple that I want to motivate other trans-girls who are trapped in social stigma of so called do’s and don’t and also to help pursue my carrier too. It tears my eyes seeing suicide rates in trans-community. Transition is not easy so we got to be brave whether someone support us or not. There is no point in giving up on life because of what-so-ever reason!





It was just a rebirth, a resurrection almost a celebration of my life on earth.
I am truly happy now ,even though, i know i can be a bit of a cow,
My third transition is going so perfectly, everyone has been like “wow”.

Life is great, I have finally accepted my fate, i truly feel so elate.

Here I stand at Miss Transsexual UK 2016, and believe me,
i am so proud to be seen.
Remember, never, never, never give up on that dream.

Once again, Life is great

jaimie peute

jaimie peute


Proudest Moment:
Standing here today as I have come very far, ten year ago I had cancer and couldn’t walk for 18 months now I’m here and alive

Countries Visited:
Spain Norway Germany Belgium Switzerland Italy Slovenia Portugal France

Personal Statement
I was born in 1976 in Amsterdam , my mums from Grimsby, my dad Amsterdam. I have a younger sister(Elly) and I have a degree in fashion.
I have been married once , now I’m single.I’m currently in the middle of transitioning(well beginning really)