Providing equality and diversity training sessions in education and the workplace with intent to:

    • Drastically reduce bullying self harming & suicide rates in trans identified youth
    • Make schools and communities a safer place to live
    • Create peer support and LGBT Ally networks from a grass roots level
    • Equality Law in the work place
    • Current Hate Crime legislation
    • Mental Health group support
    • Primary school LGBT education, inclusively, workshops and professional development course.

      Aims and objectives

      Educate students and staff on issues affecting transgender people & communicating about LGBTQ issues: This training would address how to communicate with youth around bullying as well as having other difficult conversations with youth around LGBTQ issues including solid directives for staff around appropriate language.

      Reduce bullying and depression in students by highlighting issues including discrimination , misrepresentation and prejudice by incorporating LGBTQ-friendly and diverse materials and educational resources into the schools and libraries aware of the anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies and guidelines.
      Informing staff and students about hate incidents and how to get help through an online accessible transgender 101 workshop and advice from advocates working in the field.

      Deliver a lesson with contemporary material written by trans authors.
      Distribute up to date information and legal referencing on transgender equality.