Brooke Fewins

Brooke Fewins

Erith woman in the running to be crowned Miss Transgender UK

Brooke Fewins
Brooke Fewins
First published Tuesday 2 June 2015 in News
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A transgender beauty from Erith is set to enter a national competition in a bid to challenge taboos of people undergoing a sex change.

Brooke Fewins, 26, started hormone therapy to change from male to female a year ago and is now competing to become Miss Transgender UK.
The hair and beauty student, originally from Greenwich, has already undergone breast enhancement and entered the competition in a bid to normalise transgender lifestyles.

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Brooke Fewins

Miss Fewins, who lives in Erith High Street, said: “I want to show that being transgender is just part of the way we live now.

“Me and mum don’t speak anymore so I also want to prove to her how normal it is.

“I want to be a role model to young transgender people and show them that being transgender is not what defines us, we define us.”

The competition is organised by a 34-year-old transgender woman from Cardiff, Rachael Bailey.

She set up the contest after noticing the lack of opportunities for transgender beauty queens.

She said: “There wasn’t really a national competition for young transgender women in the UK, and I wanted to create an event that would help to inspire confidence and celebrate all the wonderful girls out there.”

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Miss Fewins is in the running for Miss Transgender UK

Brooke Fewins 1
Miss Fewins will make an appearance at the press launch of Miss Transgender UK at TART club in east London in a first bid to win the overall prize of £5,000.

She joked: “If I win I’ll be getting a new nose.

“Seriously, I’ll be so proud to have taken a step to make people realise that transgender people are just like everyone else.”


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