Caitlyn Jenner With MAC Good Or Bad

Caitlyn Jenner With MAC Good Or Bad

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I did another post on my blog about Caitlyn Jenner unfortunately I didn’t think at this time it was not right to post it on here at the moment but I would like to know what the Trans* community really think of Caitlyn Jenner partnering with MAC Cosmetics? I know many was angry last time due the “Man in a dress”  comments, and looking to see if this has change minds?

Finally Free

MAC has stated that 100% of the money will go to “MAC AIDS Fund Transgender Initiative” but does this mean that we will buy it. The lipstick is called “Finally Free”


I’m still ish with her and always have been from the start and something at the back of my mind is looking at the timing of the exclusive Dianne Sawyer interview then the exclusive Vanity Fair, I also said there will be a TV series and her own line of products which has now come true, I kind of feel she has commercialized being trans but hey this is my opinion and not stating facts. But seriously why the exclusives?

Brae 2 Gigi Gorgeous Laverne Cox

These are the people I look to. Top: Brae Carnes (Youtube and activist for Canada bathroom ban) Middle: Gigi Gorgeous (Youtube star but probs the less of the three) Bottom: Laverne Cox

I also managed to get a an interview online with Brae for my blog which I am still honored about.

I wanted to post this just less than a week ago but I’ve been extremely busy and tired, and I’m a week behind on all posts and things I want to write about on here and my my blog.


Do any of you have anyone that is an inspiration/role modal to you? I would love to hear and learn about others in the Trans* Community, I know there are more and some I haven’t mentioned.


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  • Beth Angell says:
    March 4, 2016 at 8:45 am


    It’s blatant commercialisation , but hey that’s the modern world.. We are no longer just humans we’re political beings and one of those manifestations is the consumer. Naturally, if there is a consumer there will be a producer and a middle agent., so in my opinion is if she can get away with it and make money out of herself why not? Aligning yourself to a product to make yourself richer is fine, if that’s what she wants let her, or start saying she can’t and then start telling all those other celebs they can’t either

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