Coutdown begins to MTUK 2016 FINAL Leeds.

Coutdown begins to MTUK 2016 FINAL Leeds.

Evening, and an evening it is for myself personally.

Eleven days to the final in Leeds, at the Marriott Hotel. Excited is an understatement in all honesty. Not only will I be meeting up with some very good friends, most of us will be experiencing Leeds First Friday for the first time. A huge Trans night held every first Friday of the month. It could get messy. Anyone who sees us in and around Leeds, don’t be shy. Mine’s a large vodka!!

Another great reason to hold the final that weekend is, it’s Leeds pride also. Another city, another spectacle. And more vodka. Did I mention I have a taste for vodka? Anyway, if there is one place to visit the weekend of 4th August, (Weekend’s start on Thursdays where I come from…), then it’s Leeds.

So, for me personally, I am more than ready for the final itself. My talent section is just about fine tuned, all my outfits are prepared, just a case of hair, nails and brows.

For now, just a small slice of my mind before bed. If you’d like to vote for me Michaela James please go to our website

Peace, love & happiness,


Kayla. xff


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  • Oh yes I can’t wait looking forward to the pageant but also the weekend it’s my first time to leeds 1st Friday and pride too OMG I think this is goin to be the best weekend of my life so far and with you Michaela I no it won’t be dull lol Woo Hoo bring it on Paaarrrtttyyyyyyy x

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