Fay Loiuse help her be a mum

Fay Loiuse help her be a mum

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surrogacy and egg donation programs. In general, the cost for gestational surrogacy (including all agency fees, attorneys’ fees, screening and surrogate fees, and medical and insurance costs) ranges from around $100,000 to $150,000, depending the program chosen.
I new I wanted to become a mum even before I wanted to become a women. I have been on my transition for years to become the woman I truly am. I have set my page up to help me on my journey to become a mother, and have my dreams come true. There is no help from the government or nhs. I have most recently won miss transgender north and came 3rd in the final of miss transgender to try and create awearness and help others in my situation. please help me on my journey to motherhood. surrogacy
is legal in the UK but it isn’t the same as USA you have no contact with the egg donor and have to source your own serogate witch is very difficult and hard to ask that favour of someone. In the USA it’s a better more secure process UK fees etc are different that is why my choice for USA has been made. USA would be where my journey takes me it is around $130 thousand in USA with flights and legal costs it will cost me around £100 thousand
I beg and plead with humanity the feeling I feel to become a mum is overwhelming its my dream to be called mum by my child please help me x

Help her be a mum


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