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ive had lots questions how to find sponsors and fundraise to help you this year i hope this dose

Some finalists find it beneficial to fundraise for their sponsor fee. This can be anything from a sponsored silence or bike ride, to hosting a fashion show at school or dress down day at work. The only limit is your imagination! Many girls exceed the amount required for sponsorship and therefore donate the remainder to our charity fundraising, or pledge to split the funds 50/50
2. Friends and Family Sponsorship
An alternative method is to create a sponsorship form asking friends and family to support you with a donation for your sponsorship. Small amounts of £3-£5 can quickly add up when asking family members, friends, colleagues, social media etc. Any excess funds can again go towards the charity fundraising.
BeconfidentPhoto by beconfiDent UK
3. Business Sponsorship
Business sponsorship provides an ideal advertising platform for a wide variety of businesses. We are a VAT registered business meaning other businesses are able to claim the VAT element of the sponsorship fee where applicable.
In return for the sponsorship fees, the business will receive;
– Logo added on our site
– Website link added to the relevant heat page on our site
– Company name mentioned on stage when finalist appears
– Company flyers/business cards distributed to all guests & contestants at the event.
Some finalists may also offer promotional modelling services in exchange for your support.
Should your finalist be selected as an overall winner of their national final, your business sponsorship will continue at the Grand Finals in Disneyland Paris at no extra cost to you, offering all of the above once again at the International Finals plus mention in the Grand Final official programme.
4. Crowd Funding
Creating a pag on crowd funding sites such as can be a great way of spreading the word and making donations for friends, family and businesses to sponsor you. This works much the same way as the Friends and Family sponsorship option, but you will be able to post you page link on social media links, press releases, emails, flyers and anywhere else you are raising awareness.
A deposit of £35-£50 (Depending on the age group you are taking part in) can be made to secure your place in your heat, and is deducted from the final amount.
Full list of UK Heats can be found on our UK Heats page.

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