jaimie Miss Tgirl Wales 2016

jaimie Miss Tgirl Wales 2016

So less then a week to go and I still hadn’t managed to suss how to post a blog… Guess you’re surprised to find out I don’t work in I.T right?

Well I won’t lie, I’m a little bit nervous .. Since coming out about being trans less then 4 months ago it’s been a whirl wind activity wise albeit quiet the rest .. I was worried about getting hassle when out and about but so far nobody has fainted or followed me around town with a burning pitch fork.
I’m excited to see the Cardiff pageant gang again and meeting the new ladies too… I probably should start doing some packing or shall I leave that to Thursday morning lol

Anyway I’ll write more later about my plans etc for before and after the pageant, in the meantime don’t forget to vote for me !!!!

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