Just A Quick Hi

Just A Quick Hi

Hey All

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My Journey from April 1st 2014 – recent 2016

I’m Sarah, 26, From Greater Manchester. I have only just realised about who I am and what gender I am.  In April I found out about being Bi-Gender and at that time I was new to how I felt as for most of my life I’ve locked away my feelings and according to my mother I’m a “heartless B******d.”


Blackpool November 2015


Trafford Centre, Manchester, February 2016


I was lucky enough to find a site called Bigender.net where I quickly discovered more about myself and met new people that was like me. Since then I’ve changed so much and so quickly to where I’m confident and was open to people to about who I was at that time. In October 2014 I started my own blog up where I would write about my experiences that I went through and also for people to follow my journey. I created it to help people to understand more about gender and for those who was at a similar stage that I was at or just coming to terms about themselves.  I also  have come to love fashion and makeup which I also post stuff on there as well and some times will discuss about what’s happening in the Trans* community… Please don’t get me started on Caitlyn  Jenner, I respect her to a point but I never really liked her when she first came out on the Diane Sawyer, and have never jumped on that band wagon.

It’s only recently that I’ve started to feel more uncomfortable being male and decided that I’m more happier as female and have decided for me to live a full happy life is to transition to female full time, which I’ve only just seen my doctor about and waiting him to call me about whats going to happen, and will post updates on here and on my blog as I transition.

It’s a great honour to have been asked to write on MTUK and I’m excited to get that chance and share my story and talk to new people. I will be posting  more soon

Thank you




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  • Michaela James says:
    February 26, 2016 at 12:35 am


    Hi Sarah, very beautiful. Good luck in the pageant. Maybe see you around the village sometime or at Sparkle. Kayla xx

    • Hey Hun, I wont be in the pageant as I’m not full time but I might be at them as I love taking pictures and events in general. I’m thinking of going to sparkle and will be the viallage at some point which I’ve never been to, closest I’ve been is at Satans Hollow Nightclub haha.

  • Hi… Im going to Sparkle from Thursday to Monday….

    • I wanted to go last year but was extremely ill, This year will be great even if I can’t stay in a hotel with me living a train ride away it means I can go every day by train with if taken at the right time of day can cost around 4.50 a day return.

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