Leeds, Marriott hotel. The Final

Leeds, Marriott hotel. The Final


I don’t have any official photos to post as of yet, but i will do as soon as I can.

The final, It was a great night, we got loads of press and tv coverage. I got a few interviews in and had loads of photos taken. It felt really good. Everyone was enjoying the attention. At one point we had a crowd of people taking photos of us getting our photos taken. It was really good fun.

I would also like to thank Hair Solution for doing my hair, it really was wonderful. If there was a best hair category, I definitely would of won.

More than that though, my new hair has helped me immensely with my confidence in so many ways.

Big Thank You. xx

Congratulations to the winners, I hope they use the platform well.

I will always back and support anything anyone does for the community LGBT or non LGBT.

I didn’t place, I think my nerves got the better of me, but it didn’t matter. I had a great time and i made so many new friends who will support and help me, like i will for them.

I did how ever write another poem for my talent that i would like to share with all.


Here i stand, Leeds, The Marriott,  the final MTUK 2016.

And I stand before you all so proud to be seen!!!!

Oh my, I feel like its a dream!!

If i was to be queen, here is how id like to be seen.

Id like to help others to take the steps to full fil the dream.

And maybe one day they can become Queen,

I would make it my mission to help others struggling with their transition.

Id love to share my vision, and show people, they can break free of the prison.

Once you have arisen, you’ll see life is not a dead end.

Ill be your friend,  one day we can say. “I’ve been there, it does get easier in the end”. ?????

 Anyways, I will always offer my ear to bend.

Each girl here, has faced so many fears over the years.

I think we all deserve to be  seen as pioneers.

Each girl who stands before you,  my self included,

Has shed a river of tears.

We have all won just by standing here.

We are changing opinions and views, and at a good pace.

Look how far we have come in the last few years.

Hate is loosening,   love is winning.. Know your place!

Girls such as the girls here are shaping the human race.

We make people embrace, as we fight for our place.

If we carry on at this pace, …….

I wonder who will be the first trans in outer-space???

Mtuk, is a great opportunity to showcase,

The love, peace and tranquilly, that is our true face.

Love will always find its place.

We are showing the world,  this is me, I’m not going.

I think you’ll find, my kind’s your kind, we are all the same.

Just free your mind.

MTUK has saved my life, I’ve found friends and help to no ends.

The girls here are all so pretty, clever and damn witty.

And, just like me they all offer an ear to bend

Every second has been a pleasure.

Memories i will keep for ever, these are the real treasure.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for the experience MTUK.





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