Miss Transsexual uk 2016 info

Miss Transsexual uk 2016 info


Applications are now being accepted for June 2016

VIP Media Press launch 1st April Cardiff Marriott Hotel

The re Crowning of our winner Daisy Bell will take place at the Marriott Cardiff April 1st press pass available on request .

12 places at Miss Transsexual UK dont miss out 25 June Vauxhall Fire Night Club London

12 places at Miss Transsexual Wales 4 June at the WOW Bar Cardiff

Please check the venues page for details about where the events will be held.

Applications are submitted online by visiting the application page located here.
An application fee of £50 will need to be paid in full once you submit your application. The application fee covers administrative costs and secures the candidate’s entry and is NON-refundable. There are no other fees for entry into the pageant.
You will need to supply two photos at sign up. A face photo and full body picture in evening wear should be sent via e-mail OR uploaded during the online application form process.
Overseas applicants are welcome! Please be aware that if you are applying from outside the United Kingdom please note that MTUK will not responsible for visa requirements or applicant expenses.
All applicants will receive an e-mail confirming their entry.

Eligibility Criteria
To enter you must be a male to female transgender personYou must be living full time female to enter
Failure to disclose accurate information or the inclusion of deliberately misleading information with your entry will result in disqualification.
Both pre-operation and post-operation applicants will be accepted.
Entries received after the closing date will not be accepted unless there are insufficient applicants in your area.
You must be over 18 years of age to apply.
International applications from outside the United Kingdom are welcomed.
The role of Miss Transgender uk is held for one year in this time as a representative of MTUK T&Cs apply should winning applicant fail at their responsibilities the winner will be dethroned and position awarded to runner up .
All applicants are required to provide 3 background references this is to show evidence of good standing within the transgender community, home life and work history .
The entry fee of £50 must be paid on acceptance of all applications or you will not be entered.


The eligibility criteria for the award of this voucher are as follows:-

1. Only participants who have given their informed consent in advance and in writing will be eligible to be considered for the donation of medical treatment provided by the OLMEC Transgender Surgery Institute, Delhi, India. This informed consent must be reconfirmed before any procedure will be undertaken and this consent must be certified by a magistrate or another person of similar standing.
2. The recipient must complete a medical needs assessment and only procedures required medically will be undertaken by Dr Narendra Kaushik at his sole discretion. For the avoidance of doubt no elective cosmetic procedures are covered by this donation of medical treatment.
3. The recipient of gender correction surgery or feminisation procedures must be diagnosed suffering from Gender Dysphoria.
4. Two independent psychiatrists must attest to the recipient being of sound mind and the medical need for any procedure.
5. If the recipient is married procedures will only be undertaken with the consent of the spouse. If a marriage has irretrievably broken down this condition may be waived at Dr Narendra Kaushik’s sole discretion.
6. The voucher for medical treatment is valid until 31 March 2016. The voucher will be deemed to have been validly taken following the first consultation for medical treatment with Dr Narendra Kaushik within this period. Preliminary consultations may be conducted by video link. The period of validity maybe extended on medical grounds at the sole discretion of Dr. Narendra Kaushik. The actual timing of medical treatment being undertaken is not time limited and will only be undertaken if the recipient is medically fit to receive the treatment donated.
7. The criteria for selection of this donation of medical treatment will be the same as the criteria for the selection of the winner of Miss Transgender UK and the judges decision will be final.
8. The recipient may decline the donation. If this happens the donation will be offered to the runners up. If they decline the donation the donation will be withdrawn.
9. The costs of one return trip to India are included in the donation.
10. This donation of medical treatment is provided under the requirements of Indian law.
11. All consultations and medical treatment will be subject to normal patient Doctor confidentiality.
12. The recipient agrees that their name maybe be quoted as the recipient of the donation.
13. Neither Miss Transgender UK Ltd or OLMEC Transgender Surgery Institute take any responsibility for an individual’s decision to put themselves forward for this donation of medical treatment.
14. Only persons meeting all eligibility criteria will be considered for the donation. Meeting the criteria set out above will be decided upon at the sole discretion of Dr. Narendra Kaushik. If Dr Narendra Kaushik decides the criteria have not been met he may withdraw the donation at any time without liability to either Miss Transgender UK or the recipient.
15. All medical treatment undertaken by OLMEC Transgender Surgery Institute, Delhi, India will be undertaken under their standard terms and conditions for such treatment which are available on request.

The first prize will be presented by Sue Pascoe representing OMELC the premier transgender surgery institute

The winner will be awarded a voucher for full gender correction surgery in india inclusive of all hospital , travel and accommodation cost worth over £10,000 .
the voucher will be valid until 31 march 2017 .
if the winner has already under gone gender reassignment surgery other treatments can be substituted at the discretion of DR Kaushik , which may include body sculpting ,breast augmentation, hair implants or other feminising procedures .
all medical treatments are subject to the prize winner passing medical and legal conditions

A prize to the winner a professional paid lingerie modelling contract, I pay models £300 per day, the contract for this year’s winner would be a minimum of ten days paid work, £3600 min
If it’s something you think would work and be a good prize I would like to be involved as a main sponsor now and in the future
Our tag line with this would be “Stunning Lingerie for all the beautiful women in the World”

MTUK 2016 Prize fund vote for your favourite girls to win peoples choice award every £1 donation is split as follows

20p to gender care uk

20p to Blueprint 22

60p to the girls prize fund help the girls celebrate and make this year one to remember

all donations go directly to the charities and winners on the night

Hadrianmurano.co.uk Will donate £125 Mac products and a private makeup consultation worth £75
Transliving – the world’s largest Trans Magazine proud sponsors of Miss TG UK, sponsoring a years free subscription to selected overall winner and runner-ups.
Transliving is available in print and digital from www.transliving.co.uk and the App Store.

Papillion Advanced Hair and Beauty will do any beauty treatments free for any of the contestants prior to the day, the winner will get £250 hair and beauty voucher to spend how they want, also a glam makeover and photoshoot in the salon, we are also looking for a face for the company to be featured on our websites and Facebook pages

£200 goods from LoveBee Lingerie and Adult Toys.

weekend for 2 at The Adelphi Holiday flats.

2 nights B&B for 2 at The Belmont Promenade Hotel .xxx

The Vale Laser Clinic Donates £100 Voucher for Facial hair removal

Miss Transgender Wales 4 june

Miss transgender UK in london 25 june

both these events take place in June this year there is also the VIP opening in the Marriott hotel in march these events will be televised on channel 4 news .
the training for the events take place on the day along with final auditions so events starts at 1pm and finishes at 11pm then there is an after party if you like .
to enter both events there is a £50 fee but if you just looking to enter one or the other its £25 if it helps .
We do have sponsors that will provide hair nails makeup on day or up to 3 days in advance in cardiff or london depending on event but we recommend and can promote applicants to gain sponsors for them self with in salons boutiques there logos can be placed on the website this normally help to use there dresses shoes ect .
these events can be high media and can put you in to the line light as Trans role model and spokes person so prepare your self it can be overwhelming at time to become an over night celeb but we have the girls available at all times from last year for you to talk to for advice as mentor .
there are 3 round

1 st is a casual clothes section were we ask 3 questions to show your stable ,mature and ability to talk publicly about the struggles we face day to day living .
over all this section shows your message you want the next generation to hear support hope for there future .

2nd is a talent or creation this section shows your creativity or a talent .
last year applicants had up to 5 min to show case there outfits they had made them selves or a show some sang or danced or produced art works for the judges to see we even had wrestling on the stage at one point its light hearted and should you feel it is to much you can give a speech after all we are here as ambassadors an spokes persons not all off us feel the need to belly dance lol i think it was the only talent i did not see but what i would have done my self given half a chance .

3rd is the gala or evening wear these dresses can be expensive but it does not have to be if we can help to find to sponsors in a boutique we will promote them and there brand .
i hope this give you a bit more to think on don’t be scared to contact me im always here for all the girls even if its just support and advice, we also have a face book support group were you can meet the other girls judges sponsors

facebook groups pages
miss transgender uk committee
miss transgender uk support
miss transgender uk company
rachael bailey

feel free to ring me or add me and get to know us
thank you for your interest and time

Rachael Bailey



Gender care uk

Winners will be announced on the evening and we will showcase the contestants and their progress on the main website as the competition continues.
All finalists and applicants can apply to work with MTUK:
As spokesperson for their region to promote TRANS awareness and support for all
To become event managers for social nights across the country
To be involved with transgender modelling
To be make-up artists and hairdressers for social events


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