Ms Krissie Kristabell

Ms Krissie Kristabell


Hi, Im Krissie.

I came 3rd in Miss London, this was my talent. To be honest, i didn’t have a talent. I don’t sing, dance or even mime. I know, miming is one of the easiest things I guess, my problem is i like melancholy grunge, or psychedelic rock and dance music… Nothing i could mime to. I guess I could do the Yea Yea Yeahs, Despair, or Carter USM and  The Impossible Dream. or even I did it My Way (sex pistols) … but i thought id save the judges from my taste in music and i wrote a poem instead.

This Poem to me represents a very very small aspect of my life and struggle.  I thought how could i put my whole life into a five minute story… and this is what i came up with.


This is my first poem, its more like a story.

My life, in all its glory.IMG_0298 [13938]

I must be due a little luck, i don’t ask for much, but, being me used to really suck.


I grew up under the social services care.

There is really no need to feel sad.

If anything, it made me debonair.

I swear growing up i never wanted to be a billionaire,

I just wished people wouldn’t stare.

I felt weak and awkward, uncomfortable in my own reflection.13567439_294138040934523_4818503733717603704_n

My life was so full of imperfection.

I felt like a bomb, ready for detonation.

I needed a new location, i wanted to blow this dam-nation.

I had a fascination, with a girl called Dana International.

She was the latest sensation.

Could she be my salvation?

Will she help me to begin my transformation?


I set of to find her, this I never did, but it did not matter. I was in Tel Aviv!!

I had found my mission, I felt safe here,  I was going to begin my transition.

I found a gender clinician, paid her commission and spoke with a physician,Karen Mathison Photography (104)

Hurray, at last i was doing the big transition !!

Life was great, i was the centre of attention, but there is one thing, i forgot to mention.

My three month tourist visa, ops.

I forget to get a extension . (Six years later)  I was caught, and ended up in detention.

My plans had been thwarted, looks like I’m being deported.



The place i ran away from,

I was broken, but the girl in me had be awoken.

Id lost my network and my transition, but i still had my ambition.

Nobody knew, not even a suspicion, it was just too much, so off i went to find a new physician.

I got a referral,  to charring cross, once again, i felt boss!

I waited and waited, and self medicated.

In this time, I met a girl, she was lovely i felt so dedicated.

This defiantly wasn’t a fad, because she told me I was going to be a dad!!

I didn’t feel sad, my 2nd transition was bad.

After all I was to become a dad!

I thought id found a cure, how ever, I now know, i was totally mad!

We had, two little beauty’s, and i promise to always full fill my duties. .


To Becky, (The ex)

I didn’t mean to lie, and I’m sorry i made you cry.

I hope you know?  I will always love you until I die.Karen Mathison Photography (179)

I couldn’t handle it as a male, and I’m sorry, i let things go so stale,

It made me ill, i mean really ill. I was so confused, I didn’t mean to worry anyone,

I felt abused, like i said my brain was confused.


But don’t worry.

It was just a rebirth, a resurrection almost a celebration of my life on earth.12717321_1667637990171793_1924324944051091519_n

I am truly happy now ,even though, i know i can be a bit of a cow,

My third transition is going so perfectly, everyone has been like “wow”.

Life is great,  I have finally accepted my fate,  i truly feel so elate.

Here I stand at Miss Transsexual  UK 2016, and believe me,

i am so proud to be seen.

Remember, never, never, never give up on that dream.

Once again, Life is great


Krissie K x

To read this poem was a really big challenge for me, as i grew up with a speech impediment and it especially shows when i am nervous. I did it, I read it all, I was sick before hand with nerves, I had to take a anti sickness tablet to help me. But I did it,it felt amazing. Reading my own words and people actually listening. And then applauding me for my efforts. It felt great, and i loved every second of it.

I hope you enjoyed reading it, as much as i enjoyed writing and performing it.

All my love and all my best regards.66540301-Karen+Mathison+Photography+%28153%29

Krissie K.




(this post and photos belong to Krissie, please ask before taking anything they are not for public use with out my express permission first)



  • Well have to say i am impressed darling xx

  • Michaela James says:
    July 29, 2016 at 2:14 pm


    You’re making huge strides my beautiful friend. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Vote to make Krissie Kristabell , Miss Queen Bee of the whole of the UK. Elegant, whippet hipped, family(Addams) values , regal, demure and the people’s princess, the modern day queen of hearts … The vote will cost £1 but goes to trans charities. People UK needs their own Caitlin and that should Krissie Kristabell

    Vote for what’s right, vote for love , vote Krissie Kristabell

    (Alexia Nill)

  • Thank you. I’m deeply touched. Thank you for reading.

    More to come.

    Massive love and unity.

    It’s all adding up Micheala. We will make a difference, we will etch our places in society whilst enlightening the world with love.

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