Ooer Missus. This Time Next Week ………

Ooer Missus. This Time Next Week ………

The heat girls will be getting briefed and prepared to introduce themselves, answer their questions, and do their performances, and in such a large room too, rather different to Crawley, can’t comment about Cardiff, but I suspect similar. Then those who go through have to prepare along with the rest of us for the final :-O

Al last I’m calming, feels like I’ve been surfing the Severn Bore along with many other mammals of all sorts. Maybe it’s because at long last I have some me time and not flitting about like a loon trying to sort so many other aspects of my life out.

Packing has started, train tickets bought, just need to sort out the lovely Kayla with our room monies, hopefully I’ve been paid so can do that today. I had no idea how diverse all of these ‘add-ons’ to MTUK would be, it’s sure been a steep learning curve, then again with all my life experiences it should be like water off a duck’s back. That said I’ve not dipped my webbed feet in the river in so long it’s taken a while to get my head around creating accounts, access rights, password resets, blogging, but with perseverance and a few choice words Tills has managed to update her MTUK introduction AND blog several times over.

The there’s my Facebook Tilly Television Videos, Finalist Profile, and our amazing Finalists Group, feels like one big happy family, NO, it IS one big happy family.

Even at this late stage new ideas enter my head, I write things, I say things yet I have no idea where they come from, nor how I make them flow and be understood. I guess I’m so liberated it just happens, works for me,  people seem to identify with it and like it. My followers and supporters have been amazing, even to the point of a local car dealership offering me personal support when it’s not company policy, what a gentleman. 🙂

If what I have is what is expected of Miss Transgender UK 2016 then I’m ready to step up and be there for our communities, and perhaps others with similar issues. I hope to bring out as many aspects on 6th as I can, very little came out at Crawley, it was a little like a rabbit in the headlights and an eye opening experience.

I think we all fed off one another, the atmosphere sure was electric, I’m sure it will be again next week.

Since the Press photographer came Friday I’ve learned to work a camera from my side of a lens, looking fair and square into that shutter mechanism, something I could NEVER do before. I think that was down to Karen, who brought out my amazing smile, not just my mouth, nor my eyes, but my whole face and body, Thank You so much honey, looking forward to being crazy in front of your lenses again next Saturday. I MUST get some more shots like some of the others did at Crawley.

I MUST go, tears are welling again, and I need a siesta.

Kick back and relax whilst you can, we’re going to need ALL our energies for Friday and Saturday, though I’m sure many of us will be taking advantage of the Hotel’s leisure facilities, bring on those hot stones.


Tills xox


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