The Miss Transgender UK Pageant presents a myriad of opportunities for the business and commercial sector in facilitation and access to a market segment often untapped throughout the regional tour around the UK cities.

In keeping with the Ethos of the Organisation MTUK is a sociable enterprise donating 60% of the net profits to the UK organisations and charities supported. Our aims are to provide several platforms to target the second largest multicultural LGBT market in the United Kingdom. The event itself is led and organised by a team of professionals from Business, Commercial, Cultural and Arts Sectors, with Support from Key Partner Organisations with the provision of Key Event Personnel and staff .

Associating with the MYBP will add to any marketing activities allowing access to a market of over five million people, through the student and Youth community to the vast markets to be targeted throughout the UK.

Five Key events leading up to the Main event will provide specific forums for advertising in the print, audio and visual media. These will also provide an opportunity for experiential marketing through association with a highly organised and professional gala event.

The opportunities created within the MTUK event, will go on to serve as a marketing base within future events and for the duration of the activities presented by the committee. With a greater opportunity being for the development of  community based businesses, support of community charities and the development of entrepreneurial skills within the Regions MTUK.

We look forward to your commitment to this exceptional business and social activity, and seek to support you in all of your marketing endeavors, and hope that you will become part of the MTUK Vision.


The MISS TRANSGENDER UK BEAUTY PAGEANT is an event designed to identify young Trans women in the community which epitomize the key qualities of leadership, talent, motivation and the celebration of beauty, style and fashion. This competition will include participants from all major cities and areas and will seek to meet the objectives of:

  1. Community integration and the celebration of the diverse beauty from the different racial           constituents.
  2. Providing a forum and access to key target markets within your Region.
  3. Provide a networking and exposition opportunity for Key Trade and Business organisations in all major cities and areas.
  4. Assist Business organisations in enhancing their CSR and working towards promoting key social and cultural objectives within the wider Community.
  5. Developing Entrepreneurship (Turning Job Seekers into Job Creators).

Sponsorship and advertising can be a very cost effective way to raise your profile and enhance your presence at the show. There are various opportunities and packages available to you. Some ideas are detailed below a bespoke proposal can be created to suit your needs and objectives.


  • Advertisement & Logo in the  Sponsor section of Radio adverts and Press Releases in major newspapers.
  • 12-month Online Banner Advertisement on both and our social network platform posters
  • Exhibit and Direct Sales Opportunities at the Finals Venue in London.
  • Opportunity to Address Contestants and Share Your Promotional Literature.
  • Pageant Tickets and more. Sponsorship Packages begin at £250 with Target Market Special Bid Packages.

    Silver Sponsor – £250

  • Sponsor a Finalist – £250 – (Sponsor one of the 50 Finalists for Boot Camp)
  • Logo attached to Contestants Picture Profile  on our website,  event brochure and sash.
  • Full credits on all PR contracted to applicant for 12 months
  • Invitation to pre-competition wine reception to meet your finalist and group hosts


          Gold Sponsor – £1,000

  • Benefits of Silver Sponsor package PLUS 2 col x 4 inch ad in the Welcome MTUK 2017 page.
  • 1 Page on main site, attached logs on press board fully backed and linked to all 7 social media profiles linking your site traffic.
  • Logo on video documentary.
  • Five tickets, full-page ad, invitation to pre-competition wine reception, meet the contestants and hosts


Platinum Sponsor – £5,000

  • Benefits of Gold Sponsor package PLUS 1 V.I.P Table (10 tickets) to the finals.
  • Invitation to be on the Judging Panel for the evening.
  • Full-page colour advert in the MTUK 2017 souvenir program on main website and blog .
  • Back-page full advertisment
  • 1 V.I.P Table (10 tickets)
  • invitation to pre-competition wine reception, meet contestants back stage.


  • Prizes

  • Venue

  • Print and Promotional Materials, T-shirts

  • Make-up, Hair Styling, Photography & Videography

  • Dresses, Sash, Flowers, Decorations








Sponsors – Support- Advisers – Hosts – DJ’S

Companies to aid the forming of

Ladies in Waiting Wales

we are holding events across the UK for:

make up training

catwalk training

photo-shoot training

fundraising for a new foundation in Brighton and Hove


for LGBT trans teens, homeless with no family and no hope of an education or a job .

I will run the website were I am starting from scratch and re branding. I will be opening a chat room with the help of NHS professionals. This will be on the website holding 1-2-1 help and support for trans all over the world .
Yes there will be more than the events and the voting on-line for the top model. With profiles for all to create visibility and industry jobs for trans NOT SEXUALIZED this will be monitored by admins and NHS support.

The teams placed to aid them are from the girls from the past 2 seasons of MUTK that I trust to make the UK as proud as I am of them and their work so far .

We are holding one main event in November in London hosted by LAURA ALICIA, this will be a fashion show, catwalk style event, were the on-line votes and audience chooses the face of transsexualism and diversity in the UK

I hope we can show unity and create an event that raises enough sponsorship and money to put Trans Top Model charity on the right path and help the Wish Me Well teens and education and put a roof over their heads


Thank you
Rachael Bailey


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