TALUAH Eve Brown is entering the country’s first transgender beauty contest.

TALUAH Eve Brown is entering the country’s first transgender beauty contest.

Burton model wants to become a role model as she enters the first Miss Transgender UK
By Burton Mail | Posted: June 15, 2015

By Lucy Grosvenor

TALUAH Eve Brown is entering the country’s first transgender beauty contest.

SOME girls dream of a glitzy career and one Burton model is hoping to make this a reality when she enters the UKs first transgender beauty pageant.


Talulah-Eve Brown, of Evershed Way, is representing Burton at the Birmingham heats in the hope to become Miss Transgender UK.

This is the first beauty pageant for people who have undergone or will be going through gender reassignment surgery, and Talulah, 21, who works at both The Dial and in Topshop in the town, is delighted to be selected.

She said: “The trans community is where the gay community was 10 to 15 years ago – we need to be celebrated not tolerated and this pageant is a massive step forward.”

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Born a boy, Talulah always knew she was in the wrong body. While she did football at school she played with Barbies at home.

As a child she watched transgender Nadia Almada win Big Brother in 2004 and saw how people accepted her.

She added: “That was a changing point for me, it made me realise that I wasn’t who I felt I was and I knew what to do.”

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She is now one month into her hormone treatment which will widen her hips and soften her voice.

In October she will be getting breast implants and next year she plans to undergo gender reassignment surgery.

She said: “I understand people may not be sure but it is only because being transgender is considered a taboo but I want to break that and be a role model which can empower people who may feel trapped.

“American Caitlyn Jenner, who used to be Olympian Bruce Jenner, has just come out as her new self and it seems this may be the time for a change in attitudes.

“People are talking openly about transgender issues now and hopefully some of the stigma attached to trans people will fade.”

People can vote for Talulah-Eve Brown at misstransgenderuk.com

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