The Truth About Me … life as a Trans woman

The Truth About Me … life as a Trans woman

When people ask me whats it like to be a Trans woman I cam only respond with ” Its like being a pregnant woman on steroids ” I’m emotional over sensitive and maternal but strong with a fight to survive that surpasses all I’ve ever met, I learned to live again reenventing myself alone rejected by all who knew me as a child finding comfort and streanght were i could growing in to my new self my reflection not matching the way i felt inside i built boundaries like armour and made my self from steel .

Ive known many people in my life and been shown the worst and best that life can offer a person being lucky to have loved another and hurt that left scars  holding my soul together from the inside and wounding me as a battle that leaves loved ones lost in time and memorie  .

I can’t say I’ve had a bad life to myself but when you hear what i have to tell you can judge for your self my life experience older than my years forced to live life that was not mine and make choices i cannot regeret for if i regret my choices i regret me as i am now, I’m a woman with a different past and a big heart full of hope and love  .

I don’t want to start as a was i want to tell you who i am now I’m Rachael Bailey I’m 36 about to be married I’m happy in my self and in life I’m confident loving and do my best to be a good friend .

I own Miss Transexual Uk ltd a company in its 3 rd year i can’t say I’ve made any money because it would be a lie I’ve lost thirty thousand pounds so far but the experience I’ve had in two sesons has given me a life time of memories to to treasure i know now why i was made the way i am it was to give others passion and streangth in life a confidence that was given to me through the life experiences I’ve been shown.

I was lost but now i am found i found my self in a mirror by mistake my life grew my soul flowered i became me for all to see .


memories of rachael bailey x



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