Tilly’s Tuesday Night Tittle Tattle

Tilly’s Tuesday Night Tittle Tattle

Gosh, hasn’t time flown by, another few days and we’ll all be in Leeds.

I know it’s been tough for some of us, well probably all of us to be honest, but we’ve really pulled together and shown what trans sisterhood can do.

Am I ready ??

Well tried singing today and sounder like a strangled frog, my infection has hit my tonsils so singing on key, let alone on pitch, the octave I’d like to hit, just ain’t gonna work, you can probably tell that from my voice in some of my videos.

Doc has given me antibiotics, so you’ll hear me coming, when I wiggle my hips I rattle, as there is so much medication I’m taking, what with pain killers, balance meds, hormones, and soon to be vitamin D tablets. Maybe we should ‘do the macarena’ and I’ll be the maracas !!! Bring on the salsa !!

Tomorrow I’ve a friend coming over for breakfast, seems odd she’s buying most of it, and I’m the host, but I’ve done my bit, got bacon, free range eggs, extra sausages, and black pudding. She’s bringing tomatoes, mushrooms, beans etc I think, so two very full ‘englishes’ WILL be the order of the day.

I then need to get down the shops one last time, pick up some bits and bobs I hope you’ll all appreciate.

I’ve pretty much got everything ready to pack, it’s whether it will all go in one case, which will look lile something off a dodgem car with the lunge whip sticking out the top. I hope we will have a first aider on standby 😉 LOL

Someone mentioned something today and in my own diverse whacky style have tweaked it and decided to add it to my act, I promise you that you will pee yourselves with laughter, whether it’s quite in keeping with the MTUK ethos I don’t know, but it will sure show the devil in me :-O

Somehow a calm has come over me in the last few nights, though I’m NOT sleeping well, it happens sometimes when I’ve something like this on the horizon, I think my body and brain are trying to shift my sleep pattern so I can cope with the up-coming late nights, well midnight IS late for me, then I turn into a shrivelled up pumpkin and crawl back under the hay.

I was going to shower as I’ve now put my bath lift at the other end of the bath under the shower, but it’s so humid I know I’ll ‘glow’ all night so it hardly seems worth it, so a strip wash it is again.

Maybe shower tomorrow evening then blow dry all my hair to hopefully keep in in check for a few days, then again Saturday morning in time for the afternoon heat, and the vigil if we can get there.

I’m getting really excited about meeting everyone, we’ve had such a laugh within our finalists group that I’m sure we’ll click and carry on pretty much straight away.

I’m trying to encourage the girls to join me in the leisure centre and take advantage of the pool, hot tub, etc. I know it can be awkward, but a well placed towel and a feminine slide into the water is all that is needed.

The first year I came out was the first time I publicly showed my (tiny) breasts, and then had a swim, wll gentle float in their pool, for which I HAD to be naked. I was a little nervous but was amongst friends, again, towel and slide in. My friends realised how much of a big step it was and complimented me on the way I dealt with it. Not long later I went to a few aqua aerobic sessions, there again several women gave me such lovely compliments, so said ‘they would never have known’, the instructor had known me for years, she was blown away, particularly the second time I went’ all glam and that.

My journey thus far has been amazing, a little rough at times, but hey, unfortunately it goes with the territory, and each issue handled has made me a stronger and more determined woman.

I stand for true equality, for all not just for those that we think should have it, but everyone, to me that’s the ethos behind the Equalities Act 2010, it’s such a shame it has no criminal teeth, which in itself is criminal.

It’s the rapidly changing digital age of the 21st century, yet much of what we do is bogged down in the mid to late decades of the 20th century.

We need to make quantum leaps forward in so many areas, and boy can we name a few, and I’m sure will come up over the weekend in some shape or form.

Step up and drive for change, unite and support with a common voice regardless as to which minority we represent. Lets face it society IS made up of minorities, it’s just when they unite in a common cause they become a majority.

If we agree with, and join them we have a voice, equally if we don’t agree and join with others we still have a voice, then we can counter what the other group are saying.

To me that is some form of democracy, whereby we have to learn the rules and then play the game, which sometimes only comes with real life experiences.

I meant to get to bed over an hour ago, but got busy printing and laminating my free tickets, and then thought I’d write another blog.

Tilly is now heading for the hay after a glass of milk and MORE meds !!

So I’ll wish you all a very good night, happy sleeps, no nightmares, or mares of any description, and catch you on the ‘morrow.

Love, hugglies and namaste

Tills xox



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