Wednesday Evening Convo

Wednesday Evening Convo

It’s the final evening for some of us before we head for Leeds.

What we don’t have now we either don’t need, or we can shop for once we’re there, either way it probably doesn’t matter as it’s all about the event and the show, and NOT about some of the finer details.

We’re only human and little different from everyone else in so many respects. We all panic, forget things, check the locks more than once, get nervous, cry, laugh, sing, dance, play, get angry, etc.

Celebrate that commonality and NOT pull one another apart over differences that really are of little consequence.

We may have differences of opinion but that doesn’t necessarily mean one is right and the other is wrong, though sometimes facts say otherwise, but that’s no excuse to take the gloves off and resort to violence etc, it’s far better to say I respect your point of view, shake hands, turn and walk away. It takes courage, but the stronger person will be the first to do so !!

If someone does something to you that upsets you don’t react in a similar manner, it only perpetuates the issue, stop it before it turns into a vIcious, and I mean VICIOUS cycle, where retaliation becomes the name of the game !!

Humans are supposed to be educated and civil beings, set above the rest of nature, animals in particular, where we have a responsibility of care and respect toward one another, please, lets work together, resolve once and for all the ills that our society and communities are suffering and move forward to create a Great Britain once again.

Bring on the weekend.

If I can’t get a post in tomorrow, it’s unlikely I won’t again until I get home Sunday.

As they say in show business


Hugglies and all that



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  • Like receiving the report in this way. New to SMC but I am familiar with reading such reports and I find them helpful. I like the charts to suabstntiate the dialogue. Thanks, Brenda

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